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₹10 k fine over the mishap, mandatory registration: New rules for Noida pet owners

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In the latest development, the Noida authority is all set to apply new rules for the pet owner in the city. A fine of Rs 10,000 would be implemented if your dog attacks someone. On Saturday, the officials made it compulsory for all pet owners to register their animals by January 31st next year. If you have failed to do so then be ready for a penalty.

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“In case of any untoward incident due to pet dog/cat, treatment of injured person or animal will be done by the owner of the pet dog along with the imposition of fine of ₹10,000 from March 1, 2023,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari, said in a tweet. “If a pet dog is littered in a public place, it will be the responsibility of the animal owner to clean it,” she further added.

The concerned authority has also made it compulsory to get their pet anti-rabies vaccination. The officials have also informed that “with the consent of RWA (Residents Welfare Association)/AOA(Apartment Owners’ Association)/ village residents, the construction of a dog shelter for sick street dogs” can be undertaken, however, the “maintenance of the same will be the responsibility of the concerned RWA/AOA.”

The new rules were made after the pet policy was discussed in the 207th  board meeting of the Noida Authority in accordance with the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), as per sources. In the same meeting safety guidelines for high-end residential areas were also approved. Lately, there were a lot of issues related to the layout of the sports city.  Arvind Kumar, the Uttar Pradesh infrastructure and industrial development department commissioner and chairman of the Noida Authority, was also present at the meeting along with Ritu Maheshwari and other senior officials.

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