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10 Alica Schmidt Hot and Sexy Photos: ‘Sexiest Athlete In The World’

German athlete Alica Schmidt, 21, has earned notoriety after being named the “Sexiest Athlete in the World” by the Australian publication “Busted Coverage.” Despite still being a young woman, Alica has had a big impact on the world stage. She has also been employed by Borussia Dortmund as a fitness coach since the start of the 2020–21 campaign. Alica first came to public attention when she helped Germany earn the 4×400 sprint silver medal at the 2017 European Athletics Under-20 Championships.

She also contributed to the national team’s 4×400 relay squad winning the bronze medal in the Under-23 division at the European Championships the previous year. Alica is viewed as a future star in German athletics and is anticipated to make an impact in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo thanks to her excellent skills. Below are the 10 Alica Schmidt hot and sexy pictures, which truly justifies the title of her being the ‘Sexiest Athlete In The World’.

10 Hot Photos Of Alica Schmidt:

1. Golden Hour

A perfect co-ord for a sundowner look, subtle and sweet. The watch just adds up a little pizzazz to the whole ensemble.

Alica Schmidt hot

2. Faux Coats

We love an oversized coat over the tank top, gives it a fuller and neutral look. Alica Schmidt looks really sexy in this outfit.

Alica Schmidt sexy

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3. Abs On Fire

She’s ready in her all-black sports co-ord look. Her pony is tied high, perfect for a stylish sporty look.

Alica Schmidt Instagram

4. Corset

To give your body the perfect shape when you wear something a corset is always suggested, but now it comes in many different varieties which can be worn above as well.

Alica Schmidt sexiest athelete in the world

5. Smelling Good

This picture was a brand endorsement for the perfume Alive, she is decked and dressed up in her white crop top.

Alica Schmidt bold

6. Ready For Match

Lose hair, black sporty bra and tight, and the hair ties on the hand, something to stare at, really. Alica Schmidt’s seductive curves in this picture are enough to make anyone weak.

Alica Schmidt abs

7. Tennis Skirt

During summers it is best to go light, so a white button-down top and tennis skirt would do the job just right!

Alica Schmidt Legs

8. Dark Academic Look

If you want the dark, mysterious vibe, this is just the look for you. A turtleneck, leather pants, and a checkered shirt over.

Alica Schmidt Fashion

9. Turtle Necks

Black and gold are the perfect look to give off a sophisticated vibe. She paired the two gracefully here!

Alica Schmidt age

10. Beach Baby

Beaches really bring out the best in us. The bikini sported by Alica Schmidt is perfect for a light swim in summer. Tie your hair in a high knot and its perfect!

Alica Schmidt Bikini

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