10 Interesting Facts about Body Temperature

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10 Interesting Facts about Body Temperature: The normal body temperature has much more surprising trivia on it than just spiking on thermometers. According to many famous doctors in Karachi, body temperature is the first vital sign that almost all doctors look for. Fever is the first symptom of any underlying disease. There is a lot you can learn about your health through observing normal body temperatures, fevers, and other factors that affect your body heat.

Here are 10 mind-blowing facts about your body temperature!

A high temperature a.k.a FEVER helps you fight off an infection

None of us like sweating in fevers, but it actually is good for you. The increase in your body temperature in many cases is due to your body trying hard to resist the foreign infection. This is why many people refrain from taking medicines. This is because it plays a very important role in maintaining the barrier of your immune system against infections.

You lose the warmth of your body as you age

A study conducted in nursing homes found that people older than 63 years had a lower body temperature than the rest of us. This can be scary if you have seniors at home. Usually due to aging factors the body temperature is already low, which makes it hard to detect whether someone has fever or not. This is important to know as someone may actually have a fever at lower temperature that goes undetected.

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Men and women have different body temperature

Cold hands and warm hands.

If you are a lady, reading you would be pleased to read that you are much warmer than men when it comes to the inner core body. However you have much colder hands than men.  A study published in lancet showed that men and women have different inner and outer body temperatures. This temperature can actually indicate different levels of metabolic activity in men and women.

A Hat may not be enough to help in retaining body heat

If you are from south Asia, you must have heard a lot about covering your head as most heat is lost through your head. Guess what happens when you find out your mom has been wrong all time long? Losing heat from the head is actually a myth. Hair on your head is actually a much better barrier in regulating the scalp heat as compared to the rest of the body. Any part of your body that is not covered will reduce your core body temperature.

Telling a lie will change your body temperature

The jittery and confusion that arises with lying can actually make parts of your body go cold. This is especially interesting as a study published in a crime journal refers to this phenomenon as the ‘’Pinocchio effect’’. This happens when your nose goes cold when you lie. While the temperature on your nose decreases, the temperature around your forehead increases that indicates a confusion in the overall body language.

Red peppers can increase high core body temperature

In an interesting turn of events, some top private hospitals in Karachi reported how people who ate red peppers during the day had higher body temperatures than the ones who did not. While spicy food is directly linked to increasing the body temperature, red peppers only heat up your inner core without changing external temperature. So if you have been focusing on your diet, red peppers can help enhance your metabolic rate and actually help you in reducing weight.

A cold heart for protecting brain

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Body’s temperature shoots right up after cardiac arrest and that is very damaging for the brain. Soon after cardiac arrest healthcare professionals lower down the body temperature by using different cooling devices to stabilize the heart and inevitably save the brain from any further damage.

Body temperature will help determine the time of death

This is not just a crime show. As soon as you die your body does not produce any heat. The body will start cooling down slowly. Previously an instrument algor mortis used to be in use in determining the body temperature to discover how long the person was dead. The instrument was later discontinued as the external temperatures affect the accuracy of body temperature.

So does body temperature really play an important role?


Next, you have your body temperature rising, do know it is working against some inner infection. It is always important to be mindful of your health. In general, if your temperature lasts for more than 3 days you should consult with a specialist right away!

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