10 Little Things to Get You Through the Long Winter Evenings

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Many people find the long winter evenings hard to contend with. It is dark by around 4:00 o’clock and under the current circumstances of global pandemic and lockdown evenings have become even harder to tolerate, especially if you live by yourself.

There is also a condition called SAD, which is a form of depression that tends to affect people when they don’t get enough natural light or sunshine. With a little bit of imagination and planning there are actually several things you can do, from slots and games to bubble baths and Netflix So, if you are hoping to be a bit more proactive to get yourself through boring evenings this year here are ten little things you can do to help. 

Do These 12 Things to Spent Long Winter Evenings

1. Take a Long Soak

Grab your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath, heat up the bathroom, and run a luxurious hot bath. You could take a book and a glass of wine and simply kick back and relax. Be sure to keep electronic equipment away from the water and make sure you don’t fall asleep!

2. Take up a New Hobby 

Many online learning centers have been offering free or very cheap courses during the lockdown, and this has coincided with long winter nights. Why not try learning a language, yoga, or something else you have always longed to try. While some of the courses are accredited there is no harm in doing something just for fun and self-improvement. 

3. Play Games 

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you will find that there are a wide range of app games that you can download for free that will pass the time of day. Games are certainly not just for children these days, and there are plenty of brain training games for adults, word games, number games, and even just for fun games. You can even play bingo online, play slot machines, or head for the roulette tables. 

4. Gaze at the Stars 

There really is an app for everything! There is some really great star gazing apps that turn your phone into a map of the Sky. It helps you locate the stars and tells you what you are looking at. This is great fun to do with young children or simply as something to do as an adult. Who knows, perhaps you can develop an interest in astronomy and get yourself a telescope to learn even more. Maybe one of the online learning centers has a course! 

5. Streaming

Online streaming has given us even more ways to access our favorite television programs, films, and things we didn’t even know existed. There are some things you can access for free on YouTube, but you also have paid for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, and now TV. 

6. Pamper 

Painting your toenails, deep conditioning your hair, or using a face mask are all great ways to have a mini pamper party when the evening seems too long. If you can’t get out to shop for supplies due to lockdown in your area, you can always order things online.

7. Bath the Dog

If you don’t fancy pampering yourself, what about the dog? Our pets are seriously confused at the moment but loving life because we are all at home a lot more. Why not bathe the dog, gentle blow dry and groom which will relax you both and give you something to do? 

8. Read a Book 

Whether you actually like a good old-fashioned paperback or have a Kindle or tablet, why not consider reading a book. Online books have plenty of free offerings, or you can pay to download things you would like to read. Amazon has various schemes so that you can read loads of different things and it won’t cost you a lot of money. 

9. Bake 

Perhaps you fancy yourself as a bit of a Delia Smith, and you might want to try baking a cake. The evenings are actually quite a good time to do this as there is a lot less going on and fewer chances that you will be interrupted. 


10. Organise Your Closet 

We all have clothes that we haven’t worn for at least a year, so now is a great time to organise your closet and get things ship-shape. You could even make a few pounds by selling what you don’t want locally.

And two more to keep you going!

11. Write a Journal 

Journaling became quite popular back along and is undoubtedly worth doing. Whether you keep it in a diary format or have something a little bit more free-flowing, getting your thoughts out on paper can be very therapeutic.

12. Ring an Old Friend

If you are feeling a little down during winter evenings, remember you’re not alone. You may well find that some of your friends are feeling precisely the same. It would be really nice to give them a call and have a leisurely chinwag that will make you both feel a lot better about the situation.

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