10 Small Business Ideas In India [2022]

India is a country of diversity. Diversity in its language, art, culture, traditions, clothing, etc accounts for the beauty of our nation. It is the same for Indian citizens in terms of their opportunities. There are a dozen options for anyone who wants to work, but it all starts with a plan and an estimation of who we are and what we want to be. For those wondering how to start small business in India in 2022, here are a few ideas:

Small Business Ideas In India (2022)

1. Stitching

Clothing is our essential need and, more than that, a question of our confidence. As a matter of the first appearance, everybody likes to wear rich ensembles and wishes to have novel dress styles. Consequently, those having sewing expertise resemble a help in their grasp. One could do sewing for neighbors and even broaden their business by taking requests from shops and materials relying upon a time, space, and workplace accessibility. With a sewing machine in your grasp and creativity in mind, one could make wonders by utilizing this profession.

2. Weaving

The quality and toughness of a material depend on the productivity of a weaver. Numerous towns in India are known for their unique weaving patterns, like Kanchipuram, Banaras, Kuthambuly, and some more. From a small-scale home-focused business utilizing one weaving machine, the business could be extended wide and one could lay out their own example of weaving and could procure a geographic or individual patent for their woven item.

3. Making Sweets, Pastries and Snacks

Cakes are one of the prospering small-scope businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many housewives have transformed into entrepreneurs by blending their imagination with baked goods fixings and making magnificent cakes in astounding patterns and flavors. Aside from cakes and desserts, Kondattams (dried things), Pappad, pickles, fresh nibbles, and numerous delightful food varieties could be ready at home and sent on a limited scale premise with the least amount of effort.

4. House Hold Restaurant/Tea Shops

Every city, village, and even every home will have its own distinct flavors and secret recipes. Starting a small home-attached restaurant or tea stall with few facilities but a signature dish could swing the wind in your favor. Special dishes with appealing names are always crowd pleasers, and some social media promotion would undoubtedly attract foodies. It could be improved by including more food options.

5. Small Event catering

Birthday parties, retirement parties, special occasions in the neighborhood, and so on are ideal occasions for starting a small-scale catering business with few but delicious items. Families with limited time for cooking are another ideal client for you, as you could serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis and earn a monthly income.

6. Aquaculture

Fish farming and aquaculture on a small scale are both profitable and refreshing. Small fish, such as fighter guppies, can be grown in small fish ponds at home or in aquariums, and the fingerlings can be sold. Edible fish, such as Tilapia, can be grown in old and damaged refrigerator boxes with little investment and sold for a higher price.

7. Matrimony

Finding the best life partner is a difficult task for both adults and their families. There is the significance of matrimony, which allows us to gain the gratitude of families while also earning money. Traditional methods of inquiring into one’s surroundings and gathering data on those seeking an alliance are less practical in modern society. Advertising your matrimonial service on the internet, creating websites, distributing your contact information, and only providing services to registered users would ensure your business’s profit and credibility. Those who require advanced features can subscribe to premium mode. You could keep a consistent customer relationship and provide a comfortable platform to attract more members.

8. Sculpture Making and Painting

Sculpture and painting are skill-based small businesses that can provide you with fame as well as financial benefits. Recent market trends should be highlighted, and programs to increase outreach should be included in the business plan. Starting a YouTube channel and posting making or painting videos, conducting street sculpture-making events, participating or conducting exhibitions, etc should be done frequently so as to make the public attracted to your skills. More people are drawn to paintings and sculptures with socially relevant themes.

9. Ornament Making

India’s ornamentation trends are as diverse as its clothing styles. Ornaments ranging in price from Rs. 10 to several crores enhance our charms. Using whatever raw materials you have, we could start an attractive ornament-making industry in our own home. Bead necklaces, bangles, glass bangles, paper earrings, jewelry made of stones and feathers, and so on are all appealing and inexpensive. What we should do is give our brand a catchy name, advertise it verbally and ask our customers to recommend it to their friends, and post pictures of our products on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

10. Cloth Embroidery

The general trend among Indians is to get the best for the least amount of money. There is no other best business option for you if you can embroider a 50 Rs piece of cloth into one worth 100 Rs. One thing to remember is to avoid entirely relying on traditional hand embroidery and to invest in a good embroidery machine. Taking gross orders from stores will allow you to earn higher profit margins. Always promote your work on social media and try to make out current trends printed on clothing based on your customers’ preferences. Don’t forget to give regular customers occasional discounts.


The above-all 10 Small Business ideas may not suit you, do your research and choose the one which suits your skillsets and interests. Many platforms help you to set up your startups. Read and learn as much as you can about the small-scale businesses in India, the pros and cons and seek every help you may be required to start your business.

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