10 Times Rihanna No Makeup Photos Made Us Appreciate Our Natural Self

When American record producer Evan Rogers welcomed Barbadian singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and performer Rihanna to the country to make demo tapes, she became well-known. She is well-known for her singing ability, persona, and beauty. Rihanna has a simple life and occasionally interacts with fans on social media by going bare-faced. Riri is not always a bad girl, sometimes she gives out good fashion and lifestyle advice, and sometimes her bare self, makes us appreciate ourselves more and more. Here are 10 of Rihanna’s no-makeup photos, where she looks stunning and beautiful, as usual.

10 Rihanna No Makeup Photos:

1. Autograph Please

Here she is giving autographs to a fan and she is bare-faced, looking as gorgeous as she could possibly look!

Rihanna No Makeup

2. Bigger the Hoops, the Better

We all know how important the size of our hoops is, right? Here Rihanna has her hair styled in braids and wearing big hoops and she looks stunning in her no-makeup look.

Rihanna No Makeup Pics

3. Get Ready With Riri

She wears an attractive silver necklace and an upper garment and draws attention with her perfectly styled hair and unretouched natural attractiveness.

Rihanna No Makeup Images

4. Skincare Guru

A beautiful layer of naturally colored lipgloss and the rest of her face remains natural without any makeup. This look is absolutely stunning!

Rihanna Without Makeup

5. Beach Day

Her face looks delightfully crisp and natural in this unmade-up self-portrait, which is complemented by the elegance of her gold pendant and ring, which highlights her beauty. While on the beach one shouldn’t have an excuse to not take pictures!

Beach Day

6. Sunny Side Up!

A natural face and no makeup look for the pool day! Rihanna looks forward to the summer months and enjoys soaking up the sun’s warm rays. She literally looks like a ball of happiness.

Sunny Side Up!

7. Happy Ray Of Sunshine

The sun’s beams seem to be bringing her a great deal of enjoyment, making for a wonderfully beautiful picture. Notably, she has no makeup on, and the tattoo on her right hand only enhances how stunning she already is.

Rihanna hairstyle

8. Goofy Face

She has a goofy and cute face made. While in the beauty salon, Rihanna took this selfie.

Goofy Face

9. Alternative Mood

She wears numerous accessories, including a bracelet, pendant, headgear, sunglasses, and earrings, and her grey t-shirt substantially increases her appeal. She looks like a bro-girl here and we dig this vibe.

Alternative Mood

10. Not A Fake Candid

We all love a good candid picture taken of us, right? Well, Riri has thousands taken every day! But this is where she had no makeup on, dressed well, and she looks mesmerizing in this angle. We cannot stop swooning!

Not A Fake Candid

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