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13 Anupama Prakash Web Series

Anupama Prakash is a well-known web series actress. Anupama was born on November 17, 1992, in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is known for sensual web series, which are mostly adult in nature. She has acted in OTT platforms like PrimePlay, Ullu, Voovi, and more. Scroll along to learn the names of 13 web series by Anupama.

15 Anupama Prakash Web Series:

1. Fuck Off

Sunny is a college student who works to fulfill women’s needs. He gets involved with Monica and then one day, Monica mistakenly stays about her secret affair with Sunny her boyfriend. Cast includes, Surabhi Tiwari, Amrish Majumdar, Anupama Prakash. Airing on, HotX VIP Original.

2. Right Choice

A young girl is in love with a guy way older than her. Now the main question is should they marry or not? Starring Prakaash Vir Arya, Anupama Prakash.

3. Chuhiya

Based on how the Indian people are divided based on their caste, creed, and religion, the government is trying its best to integrate policy to better that way out. Cast includes Hyder Kazmi, Onkar Das Manikpuri, Anupama Prakash, and Akshay Verma. Can be watched on, MASTANI.

4. Prabha Ki Diary

A new wife is unsatisfied with her husband. She tries to block out other men from her life, but she falls for her sexual needs. Cast includes Manini Mishra, Pamela Mondal, Anusmriti Sarkar, Mokshita Raghav, and Anumapa Prakash. Can be watched on, ULLU.

5. Inside Stories: Handcuffed

The story is about a girl who is in love with two guys at the same time. However, one day they encounter all three of them together. Will this create an issue or a beginning for something new? Cast includes, Farman Haidar, Rishikesh Ingley, Pawan Kumar Paswan, Anupama Prakash.

6. Manglik

Gaurdi can’t marry anyone because she is Manglik. She wants to marry and become a bride; however, now she doesn’t know what should be her next step. Starring Anupama Prakash, Deepak Raj, Krushna Pandey. Can be watched on Rabbit.

7. Farzi Kaka

The story is about a couple who’s always on the move. They are never settling and they have a nomadic lifestyle. However, one day they find out they’re pregnant. What to do about it? Cast includes, Anupama Prakash, Sharan Kapil, Ankur Hashampuria. Watch it on, PrimePlay and Feverr.

8. Parlok

Swati falls in love with a random guy. However, later she gets to know that he is actually a ghost who takes on shape to lure desperate and lonely people. Cast includes Lokesh Kumar Aggarwal, Amit Auumkaar, and Paromita Dey. Watch it on, MASTANI.

9. Lovely Massage Parlour

To get money a young girl signs up to work for a massage parlour. Now she doesn’t know that it’s more sexual than she thought. Cast includes, Jatin Bhatia, Anupama Prakash, Simran Khan. Can be wacthed on, ULLU.

10. Mohini

People want to marry Mohini. Everyone falls for Mohini, but she doesn’t know what to do and whom to marry or not. Starring Anupama Prakash, Himanshi Singh, Pooja Kashyap. Airing on Rabbit.

11. Woodpecker

Shanaya wants to own an airline company. She meets a guy who can give her what she wants, but now she is going to impress him. Starring, Parag TyagiIra, Soni, Nehal Vadoliya.Airing on ULLU.

12. Avalukkenna Alagiyamugam

Three friends figure out they’re not okay with their love life. They bring a new friend to switch their vibe up. Cast includes, Vicky Adhitiyan, Yogi Babu, T.P. Gajendran.

13. Risknamaa

Sher Singh is the head of the village. He has killed many people and has ended love stories. Now, this time he’s about to end his own. Starring, Aarun Nagar, Pramod Moutho, Shahbaaz Khan.

Wiki Biodata

Anupama Prakash Biodata
Full NameAnupama Prakash
NicknameAP, Anupama
Date of Birth17 November 1992
Age31 years (in 2024)
BornHamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Debut in TVDangal Tv: Crime Alert: Ek Bahu Aisi Bhi
Debut in Web SeriesUllu: Riti Riwaj Tijarat (2019)
Debut in Film / MovieTamil: Avalukkenna Azhagiya Mugam (2019)
Height165 cm (5’feet 5’’inches)
ChildrenNot Available
Affairs / BoyfriendsNot Known
SalaryAround 5 lac per Web Series
Total Net Worth50 Lakhs


What is Anupama Prakash’s marital status?

Anupama is unmarried.

What is Anupama Prakash’s net worth?

Prakash’s total net worth is estimated to be 50 Lakhs, and she earns around 5 lakhs per web series.

What are some popular web series featuring Anupama Prakash?

Some popular web series featuring Anupama include “Riti Riwaj (Tijarat),” “Woodpecker,” “Mohini,” and “Prabha Ki Diary Season 2.”

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