15 Easy Wedding Budget Saving Tips

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1. Pick a weekday and off-season date. 

Most of your wedding budget will go into your reception. Weddings are traditionally celebrated on the weekend, especially Saturdays. But there are no written rules regarding when to celebrate your big day. If you stay away from weekends, we guarantee not only your venue but most of your vendors will be less expensive.

Summer is high season for weddings too. If you choose to have a winter or fall celebration, you can find great deals too. And it allows you to save on decoration. Many hotels have festive décor during November and December.

2. Cut down your guest list. 

Each guest you add to your wedding list increases the overall cost of your event. You need to add an extra chair, dinner, cocktails, invitation, table set, and so on. By lowering the number of guests, you can save money and time. Organizing a wedding for fewer guests gives you more opportunity to find a venue you like and fits everyone.

3. Find a venue that needs little decoration. 

Decoration can take a large portion of your budget if you are not planning wisely. Start by defining the theme you want for your wedding, then look for venues that already have features to accommodate your request. For example, if you plan to host a bohemian wedding, look for an outdoor venue with plenty of plants and natural elements, a fountain, wooden tables, and so on. If you dream of an elegant wedding, then a hotel ballroom or a venue with sparkly chandeliers would be a better option. 

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4. Choose seasonal and local. 

When it comes to floral design, you should be flexible and let your florist guide you to find flowers and foliage available for your wedding date. Seasonal flowers are less expensive and endure the season; if you are getting married during the summer, you need to choose flowers that will last through the day. Another way to reduce the costs of transportation is by choosing locally grown elements.

5. Rent your venue lighting. 

Hiring lighting experts to install a couple of lights around your venue can cost you much, and if you only need to highlight a couple of spaces, the best you can do is rent DIY uplighting wedding. It is an easy and affordable alternative, and you do not need any experience to achieve a professional result.

6. Something borrowed. 

Bridal gowns and accessories can cost a fortune, and for an outfit that you will be wearing for a couple of hours only and then storing for a lifetime, you should consider borrowing it from a close friend or relative. Fine Jewelry is expensive. If someone you love owns beautiful pieces, we are sure it will be an honor for them to borrow them for you to wear during your wedding day.

7. Choose statement decoration. 

Instead of placing decoration pieces and flowers around the whole venue, you can focus your reception and ceremony on statement pieces. An arch with abundant blooms and greenery can serve as the backdrop for your ceremony and as a spot for your guests to take pictures. Focus the attention on a chandelier or hanging installation of flowers instead of spending on large centerpieces that your guests might look at only during dinner.

8. DIY your wedding drapery. 

Drapery is expensive, and it is a simple task that you can easily do following a tutorial. Wedding backdrop rentals can save the day. All you need to do is choose the style you want, and it could be ceiling draping, a head table backdrop, or perhaps a spectacular entrance. You receive them, install, and once the party is over, simply ship them back.

9. Stick to the basics. 

What is a wedding without a bar? But stacking up the bar can eat your budget fast. It is easy to get caught in the idea of pleasing everyone and having high-end liquors, but if you are planning a wedding on a budget, the best decision you can make is to keep it simple. Everyone drinks beer, wine, or classic cocktails. Keep your selection simple and spend less on mixers. You can also choose to serve one signature cocktail or have a big jar of sangria for those who do not drink beer.

10. Rent your wedding dress and tuxedo. 

Nowadays, there are so many online options to rent beautiful designer wedding dresses. You can even ask for a couple to try them on and return those you did not like. It is a great way to save money and upcycle clothing that is only worn for a couple of hours. For the groom, there are plenty of options too.

11. Go digital. 

Printing invitations, menus, programs, place cards, and so many more items is a waste of money and a waste of paper. Most of your guests own a computer or a smartphone, and you can email them their invitations, request an email to RSVP, and have all the important information regarding your ceremony and reception posted on a wedding website.

12. Keep your food casual. 

Catering services offer many options for your guests, from a multiple-course dinner to coffee and cake. But if you are hosting a casual wedding, you can find budget-friendly options to feed the crowd and stay within your numbers. Many local restaurants offer catering options, or you can even try and book your favorite food truck. It will be an entirely new experience for your guests.

13. Hire a DJ. 

Live music is unique but also pricey. For a couple that wants to maintain the budget low, hiring a DJ can be the best option. DJs offer many packages, and they can even include a dance floor. Ask for complete packages and save some money on your wedding entertainment.

14. Consider an early wedding. 

Weddings usually happen at night, perhaps an afternoon ceremony and then dinner. But if you want to save some money, consider having a brunch instead of dinner. Schedule an early ceremony and go right into the reception with some bubbly and mimosas, fruit, and classic breakfast. This option is more affordable than dinner, bar, and music.

15. Forgo the favors. 

Do not feel pressured to fit a favor into your budget. The reality is favors tend to be an unnecessary element. Many guests forget them or simply do not want to take home another jam. Focus your budget on other areas and leave the favors out.

Planning a wedding under a strict budget is possible, and it can turn out wonderfully. We hope our tips help you save some money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

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