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Top 7 Interesting SQL Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners in 2021

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The trendy business world has skilled an upsurge in data-driven resolution making in the previous few years. And extracting and filtering out essential information from data silos is made simple with programming languages like SQL. One of many multiple reasons to learn SQL. Furthermore, SQL databases are utilized in virtually each website or web application today. As computer science college students or aspiring developers, you’re at all times looking out for easy-to-implement SQL project ideas. So, we have now compiled some attention-grabbing ones for you beneath. 

Once you construct and design a database with real-life applicability, it is not going to only refine your conceptual understanding but additionally increase your problem-solving abilities. So, hone your abilities and upstart your profession by implementing the next SQL database project concepts! whereas beginning a career.

Top SQL Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Centralized College Database

A school has educational departments, such because the Division of English, Division of Mathematics, Division of History, and so forth. And every division gives a wide range of courses. Now, an instructor can educate a couple of course. Let’s say a professor takes a category on Statistics and also on Calculus.

As a student within the Mathematics division, you possibly can enroll in each of those courses. Due to this fact, each college course can have a variety of college students. Right here, an necessary level to notice is that a specific course can have just one teacher to keep away from overlaps. 

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2. Railway System Database

On this database system, it is advisable to model totally different train stations, railway tracks between connecting stations, the train details (a novel quantity for every train), rail routes and schedule of the trains, and passenger reserving info. To simplify your undertaking, you possibly can assume that each one the trains run every single day and have only a one-day journey to their respective locations. As for recording, you possibly can concentrate on storing the next particulars for every station on a rail route: 

  • In time: When the train arrives at a station
  • Out time: When the train leaves a station (This might be the same as in-time if the train doesn’t halt at a station)
  • Station’s sequential number: The order of the station within the route

3. Student Database Management

Equally, you are able to do a student record-keeping undertaking. The database would include common student info (comparable to name, address, contact info, admission year, courses, and many others.), attendance file, marks or result file, fee file, scholarship file, and many others. An automatic student database streamlines the college administration process to a substantial diploma. 

4. Library Management System

An online library management system gives a user-friendly method of issuing books and in addition viewing different books and titles obtainable under a class. Any such Management Information System (MIS) could be simply developed in Asp. Net utilizing C#. And SQL queries allow fast retrieval of the required information.  

Take the instance of your college library, where each lecturers and college students can issue books. Normally, the variety of days inside which it’s important to return the book varies for each groups. Additionally, every book has a novel ID, even when they’re copies of the identical book by the identical author. So, a library management system has an entry for each book, capturing who has issued it, the difficulty period, and the amount of fine, if any.

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5. Online Retail Application Database

As e-commerce experiences outstanding growth around the globe, online retail software databases are among the many hottest SQL project concepts. The application permits the client to register and purchase an item utilizing the internet. The registration process sometimes includes the era of a unique buyer ID and password and in lots of circumstances, consolidates info like Name, Address, Contact Info, Bank particulars, and many others.

As soon as a consumer purchases a product, an invoice is generated primarily based on the quantity, price, and discount, if any. The client has to decide on a fee method to settle the transaction earlier than it’s delivered to the chosen location. 

6. Hospital Administration System

It’s a web-based system or software program that allows you to handle the functioning of a hospital or any other medical setup. It creates a scientific and standardized document of sufferers, docs, and rooms, which could be managed only by the administrator. All sufferers and docs will have a unique and will be related within the database relying on the continued treatments. Additionally, there might be separate modules for hospital admission, sufferers’ discharge abstract, duties of nurses and ward boys, medical stores, and many others.

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7. Inventory Control Management

Inventory control is the method of guaranteeing that a enterprise maintains an adequate stock of supplies and products to satisfy buyer calls for without delay. Each overstocking and understocking conditions are undesirable, and the purpose is to maximise profitability by conserving stock on the optimum level. 

Due to this fact, the design objectives of an inventory control management database would concentrate on holding the required objects, growing inventory turnover, retaining security stock ranges, acquiring raw materials at decrease prices, bringing down storage prices, lowering insurance coverage prices, and many others. 


Initiatives create an active learning atmosphere where the thoughts can assume critically and make use of inquiry-based strategies to search out options. Whereas selecting your SQL undertaking, you should sometimes go for a project through which you at the very least use database normalization methods. These are design approaches that reduce the dependency and redundancy of knowledge. With the above SQL undertaking concepts, you’re good to go

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