15+ Ganesh Ji Rangoli Designs For All Festivals and Occasions Related To Vighnaharta

In hindu mythology, Ganesh ji is popularly known as “Vighnaharta,” the destroyer of all sorts of obstacles. Isn’t this the best reason why you should try Ganesh Ji Rangoli Designs at your home? Here are some best Ganesh ji Rangoli Designs for your reference. Happy scrolling!

Top 15 Ganesh Ji Rangoli Designs

In order to make this rangoli design of Ganesh Ji, you need some hibiscus leaves, one Peepal tree leaf, some rice and hibiscus flowers. Decorate all the contents and your rangoli design is ready.

One of the most simple and elegant Ganesh ji rangoli designs is here. This design gives a sophisticated vibe.

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This rangoli design is unbelievably commendable. This design looks lovely and lively, as if true God Ganesh is showering his blessings.

This is an illustration of a circular rangoli design in which drawing a Small Ganesh ji in the middle, enhances the whole look.

If you are a beginner and confused which design to try, here is the perfect design for you. This design is simple to create yet looks beautiful.

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Ganpatti Bappa Maurya! Ganesh ji is a symbol of victory over failures. That is why this rangoli design is very commonly made by everyone.

This rangoli design gives an aesthetic touch to the rangoli designs that everybody would like.

Get a banana leaf, decorate it with Marigold flowers and Diyas. This design is good to go with any occasion.

Ganesh ji is popularly known as ‘Vighnaharta’, the destroyer of all obstacles. Make this rangoli design of Ganesh Ji and Mushak Maharaj for God’s blessings.

Ganesh ji, having a big stomach looks indeed very cute. Try this cute and lovely rangoli design in your house.

This rangoli design looks ethereal and lively! With just white colour powder and a simple red hibiscus flower, you can add more style to this design.

Ganesh ji like his favourite snack, Modaks and Ladoos would look exactly like this rangoli design. Do try once.

Pink and white combination can never go out of trend. Grab your any two favourite colour combinations and design this rangoli for any upcoming occasions.

Draw a semicircular structure and decorate the boundaries with flowers. The result will surprise you like the above embedded design.

Short of colours? Running short of time? No worries, here is a trick for you. Get some marigold flowers, separate the petals and style them in this structure, and you are ready with the one of the most stylish Ganesh Ji Rangoli Designs.

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