15 Goth Makeup Looks To Get A Punk Appearance In 2023

Goth makeup styles have an alluringly enigmatic appeal. There is a good chance that you will find a goth makeup style that speaks to you and that you genuinely appreciate, whether you prefer goth tunes like “Drab Majesty” or are simply intrigued by experimenting with various makeup looks. Here are 15 goth makeup looks that will suit your dark mood, which is definitely not a “phase” anymore!

15 Goth Makeup Looks:

1. Blue Hair Goth Makeup

Highighted hair is obviously a great add on to the goth and punk look, helps you get in the character.

Goth Makeup Looks

2. Neon Goth Makeup

Though it is quite the opposite of being goth, because youre using too much colors. But neon with black is such a great combo!

Goth Makeup Looks Ideas

3. Classy Goth Makeup

Simple gothic makeup techniques include emphasising your lips with a visibly dark hue, highlighting your eyes with dramatic eyeshadow, and making sure your eyebrows are well defined.

Best Goth Makeup Looks

4. Red Bangs Goth Makeup

Investigate pastel goth makeup alternatives if you’re going to a costume party and want a soft gothic makeup look that highlights your best features.

Red Bangs Goth Makeup

5. Peirced Goth Makeup

To successfully execute this look, add a surprising twist to your waterline with a startling element, such red or purple eyeliner.

Peirced Goth Makeup

6. Arched Liner Goth

Winged eyeliner will add drama, and a heavy coat of mascara will make your lashes stand out.
If desired, use a moisturiser and primer to create a straightforward base.

Arched Liner Goth

7. Artistic Goth Makeup

Apply a bright lip colour and top it off with a glossy coat to create a focal point that is dramatic and impactful.

8. Defined Brows Goth Makeup

With this appearance, you may embrace the nostalgic allure of a bygone period. The arched and perfetcly drawn eyebrows are a part of this.

9. Glittered Goth Makeup

To complement this look, achieve thick hair, and draw attention to your eyes with winged eyeliner for a striking appearance with a slight shimmer.

10. Red and Black Ombre

Red and black has always been a stunning look to begin with! The smokey shadow give off an ombre goth effect.

11. Collared Goth Makeup

It’s time to join the movement and discover the fascination of dramatic gothic makeup if you enjoy theatricality and seek makeup looks that draw attention wherever you go.

12. Lip Pierced Goth

Achieve the ideal aesthetic by adorning purple hair, black lipstick, artistic eyeliner, and complementing the ensemble with silver jewelry.

13. Purple Based Goth Makeup

This is more of a cosmic goth than goth, but if you add an a touch of black, like the eyebrow, it looks great!

14. ‘Wednesday’ Goth Makeup

The classic Jenna Ortega look! Nothing Beats it. Sleek and tidy and has a very strong goth vibe to it.

15. Green and Black Ombre Goth Makeup

Find enticing geometric eyeliner patterns that go beyond the eyelids, together with a complimenting lip colour and a clear complexion that draws attention to the eyes. The green color for the eyebrows is a stunning additon.

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