15 Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles You Can Try For A Stylish New Haircut (2023)

“Friends” is Jennifer Aniston‘s television show famous for hairstyles along with it’s message for ‘friends are your family’. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, her unkempt hairdo with highlights set a lot of fashion trends. When Aniston is in the limelight, she consistently makes sure to present her best self. We always look up to our Rachel whenever we’re in need of life advice, but this time, she will be giving us some great hairstyle looks too! Here are 15 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles you can try the next time you visit the salon.

15 Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles:

1. Rachel Green, Friends

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

One of the best Jennifer Aniston hairstyles of its time, with its various flowing layers framing the face, shoulder-length length, and golden highlights, stayed in style for a considerable amount of time.

2. Voluminous Waves

Voluminous Waves

Use a 1.25-inch curling iron and twist skills to give your hair a wavy appearance by dragging the iron through your hair rather than winding it around the wand.

3. Beachy Curls

Beachy Curls

Her hair has been straightened to give the impression of thickness and fullness. Her long fringe, which is neatly combed to the side, also adds a youthful and dynamic touch to her overall appearance.

4. Extensions

Best Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Trim unkempt fringe with a merged, somewhat fringed cut beginning two to three inches past the jawline and continuing to the ends of the hair.

5. Bob Cut

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle Looks

Create an uneven, pointed cut with the back slightly longer to mimic Jennifer Aniston’s look, and add density at the crown using a thickening mousse.

6. Bangs and Layers

Another one of the most gorgeous Jennifer Aniston hairstyles is combed with delicate, wispy layers that frame her face in a soft and attractive way and highlight her facial characteristics.

7. Short Layers

short layers

Her long, flat-ironed hair has immaculate, between-blonde and brunette hair color with modest face-framing portions.

8. Career Girl

Career girl

Obtain big, voluminous curls with a stronghold, and for more flexibility, finish the look by using a flexible-hold hairspray.

9. Sleek Waves

Sleek Waves

The modest waves at the ends give her hair depth and enhance the contrast between the lighter and darker colors in her hair.

10. Pushed Back Pony

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

With this sleek look, you may present a stylish and elegant image. The subtle touch of the warm accents softens the overall look.

11. Fringes and Bun

Top Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Her fairly broad cheeks might give off a wide appearance when worn with a top knot. The cleverly positioned light-highlighted fringe, however, does its magic by successfully hiding them.

12. Layers and Beachy Curls

Layers and Beachy Curls

This haircut gives off a very undone, carefree vibe. This is perfect for this occasion because she is wearing a casual dress – flowy and voluminous, complementing her facial structure well.

13. Styled Ponytail

Styled Ponytail

The remaining hair is tastefully gathered and pulled back into a half ponytail, giving the waves the appearance of having been delicately spun by hand.

14. Bottom Curls

Bottom Curls

Curling thin hair is an efficient way to add thickness. For optimal results, choose medium-sized, genuine curls.

15. Blonde Sparks

Blonde Sparks

This one of the most-inspiring Jennifer Aniston hairstyles is a longer, straighter version of “The Rachel.” The precise layers expertly frame the lower half of her face, and the soft blonde highlights emphasize the stacked appearance.

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