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(18+ Only) Top Noor Malabika Web Series To Watch Alone

Noor Malabika was born on 1 November 1993. Noor was known for her roles in sensual and adult web series, which are mostly catered to grown-up audiences. Noor had acted on OTT platforms like Ullu, Primeplay, and more.

Below, we have listed 11 Noor web series for you to check out and stream.

11 Noor Malabika Web Series:

1. Backroad Hustle

Based on the gangsters living outskirts of the city, they’re carefree, but they get unruly when and if they are challenged by an outsider. Watch it on, ALT Balaji. Cast includes, Aditi Govitrikar, Rajendra Pandurang Jadhav, Peeyush Kamboj.

Cast:Aditi Govitrikar, Rajendra Pandurang Jadhav, Peeyush Kamboj
Crew:Director: Madhur Agarwal

Shahnawaz Sabir Khan
Noor Malabika
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

2. ATM Bhabhi

A young woman gains attention during the lockdown period. She does charitable things, and now people are head over heels for her. Now guys want to win her over and, along with that, her wealth too. Can be checked out on Voovi. Starring Aliya Naaz, Neha Gupta, Gaurav Singh.

Cast:Aliya Naaz, Neha Gupta, Gaurav Singh
Crew:Director: SSK
Noor Malabika in Bikini
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

3. Palang Tod

A young man finds himself in love with two women at the same time. Now the issue is they are related to each other. Who will he choose out of the two without being in a hassle? Check it out on ULLU. The cast includes Mahi Kaur, Tarakesh Chauhan, and Noor Malabika.

Cast:Mahi Kaur, Tarakesh Chauhan, and Noor Malabika
Crew:Director: SSK
Noor Malabika in Saree
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

4. Teekhi Chutney

Aditya takes Jenny with him on his trip to his hometown. While living with his father, Jenny develops feelings for Aditya’s father during his absence, and everything changes. Watch it on ULLU. Starring, Sharad Gore, Vandana Mittal, and Noor Malabika.

Cast:Sharad Gore, Vandana Mittal, and Noor Malabika
Crew:Director: Yogesh Ojha
Noor Malabika in Bikini Hot
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

5. Walkman

Roshni is not happy with her private life. However, she finds her solace and starts lying on the table, which helps her feel better about herself. It makes her happy, sensually, and physically. Watch it on ULLU. The cast includes Aayushi Jaiswal, Natasha Rajeshwari, and Komal Sharma.

Cast:Aayushi Jaiswal, Natasha Rajeshwari, and Komal Sharma
Crew:Director: SSK
Noor Malabika Sexy
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

6. Charmsukh

A story about women and men being empty when it comes to their sexual lives. All the stories in this series are full of different plots and characters. It’s interesting and intriguing to check out. Watch it on, ULLU. Starring, Jinnie Jaaz, Pihu Kanojiya, Anmol Jain.

Cast:Jinnie Jaaz, Pihu Kanojiya, Anmol Jain
Crew:Director: SSK
Noor Malabika Web Series
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

7. Jaghanya

A girl gets married with hope and sincerity. However, things become tormenting when her husband, along with his siblings, doesn’t make her feel the way they should. Then one day, the girl comments on something she’s not supposed to. Watch it on, ULLU. The cast includes Priya Mishra, Pallavi Sapra, and Ruby Ahmed.

Cast:Priya Mishra, Pallavi Sapra, and Ruby Ahmed
Crew:Director: Ajay V.
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

8. I Am Sorry Teacher

A student wants to learn about himself, so he seeks out his teacher. They both help him to find himself, and that becomes the regular ritual to follow and check out. Can be checked out on, Big Zoo. Starring, Noor Malabika, Roshani Kumari, Paras Arora.

Cast:Noor Malabika, Roshani Kumari, Paras Arora
Crew:Director: soon update
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

9. Desire

Malti and Maddy both like each other, but they don’t know how to express it to each other. One day they were left alone, they came close, and everything between them changed. The cast includes Malabika, Yuvlin, and Shivanshu Sharma. Watch it on, Wow.

Cast:Malabika, Yuvlin, and Shivanshu Sharma
Crew:Director: SSK
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

10. Adla Badli

A boy falls in love with a girl who has a twin sister. However, one day, without noticing who’s who, he kisses the other sister, and then that becomes their daily habit until one day the other sister finds out about them. Starring Noor Malabika, Zoey Thakur. Watch it on Primeshots.

Cast:Noor Malabika, Zoey Thakur
Crew:Director: soon update
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

11. Dekhi Andekhi

Dev goes to Neha and Raj to get a room for rent. However, Dev develops feelings for Neha, and that creates turmoil in their relationship. Watch it on, ULLU. The cast includes Noor Malabika, Raj Singh, and Rocky Singh Rajput.

Cast:Noor Malabika, Raj Singh, and Rocky Singh Rajput
Crew:Director: Punit Goyal
Image Credit: @noormalabika1/Instagram

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Wiki Biodata

NameNoor Malabika Das
Date of DeathJune 7, 2024
Place of DeathLokhandwala, Mumbai, India
Cause of DeathSuicide
Age at Death32 years
OriginAssam, India
Previous OccupationAir hostess with Qatar Airways
Notable Projects‘The Trial’, ‘Siskiyaan’, ‘Walkaman’, ‘Teekhi Chatni’, ‘Jaghanya Upaya’, etc.
Instagram Followers163,000
NotabilityKnown for her role in several Ullu web series like, ‘Palang Tod Siskiyaan,’ ‘Teekhi Chutney,’ and more.


What was Noor Malabika Das’s profession before acting?

Before her acting career, Noor Malabika Das worked as an air hostess with Qatar Airways.

What other projects did Noor Malabika Das work on?

Besides ‘The Trial’, Noor Malabika Das appeared in various projects including ‘Siskiyaan’, ‘Walkaman’, ‘Teekhi Chatni’, ‘Jaghanya Upaya’, ‘Charamsukh’, ‘Dekhi Andekhi’, ‘Backroad Hustle’, and more.

How old was Noor Malabika Das at the time of her death?

Noor Malabika Das was 32 years old when she passed away.

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