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10 Exciting jQuery Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners in 2021

You should’ve seen a number of jQuery plugins all around the web. Why not change this strategy and construct some plugins yourself?

Whether or not you’re a newbie, or an expert, on this article, you’ll discover many jQuery project concepts to check out your abilities. Right here’s the complete record:

jQuery Project Ideas

1. Create a Snake Game with jQuery

Have you ever played the well-known snake game? On this game, you management a snake, and your aim is to eat fruit. The snake grows longer with each fruit it consumes, and it’s a must to forestall the snake from biting itself. It was among the many most popular mobile games, and you may create it with the assistance of jQuery. 

You’ll have to make use of a number of animations, and objects however after finishing this mission, you possibly can say that you’ve got ample experience of this JavaScript library. 

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2. Custom Lightbox

Lightbox refers to a JavaScript library that allows you to show a picture by filling the screen. You should’ve seen it in impact on varied platforms corresponding to Amazon and Pixabay. Lokesh Dhakar created it around eight years in the past, and it’s one of the vital in-style jQuery plugins. You should use jQuery to construct a customized lightbox and edit it in response to the needs of your web page. You’ll be able to mimic the lightbox on the buttons of your web page and make them seem distinct. 

3. Slow Color Fade of Buttons

It is an easy project concept. Right here, it’s a must to use jQuery to switch the transition speed of the buttons’ shade. An easy transition would look ineffective if you can make the transition slower and see the color’ fade-in’. 

It’s among the many most simple jQuery initiatives we’ve shared in this article. You’ll be able to check out a number of speeds of the transition and see which one fits the UI of your web page the most effectively. 

4. Construct a Password Strength Check

Password strength checks are fairly common, and with jQuery, you possibly can construct one among these as properly. You should use AJAX for kind validation and add an alert when the consumer enters a weak password. 

When you’ve constructed a helpful password strength checker with AJAX and jQuery, you possibly can add extra capabilities to it and make it extra engaging. For instance, you possibly can add a tooltip through the use of jQuery, we’ve mentioned this project concept later. 

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5. Add a Distinctive Opening Animation

jQuery simplifies the method of creating animations in HTML with JavaScript. You should use this skill of jQuery to construct an implausible opening animation on your web page. Take inspiration from this website. You’ll be able to see how shifting and fascinating their opening animation is. 

The very best factor about this project concept is its scope. You’ll be able to preserve the animation so simple as attainable in the event you’re a newbie. Then again, you can make it extra difficult if you wish to test your abilities. 

6. Construct a Capturing Game in jQuery

You should use jQuery to construct a straightforward and enjoyable taking pictures game in your web page. The consumer can use the cursor to shoot, and you can add components to be the consumer’s target.

You’ll be able to preserve some elements as shootable and a few as unshootable. You’ll need so as to add a number of animations on this web page, corresponding to a shooting animation. You can also add an animation for the movement of the targets. It’s one of the vital thrilling jQuery initiatives because it has a number of scopes, you possibly can add the option of ammo, give the consumer a health bar, and do far more. 

7. Web page Sliding in Animation

That is a straightforward project idea. You’ll be able to create a trendy jQuery animation where new pages slide in, as an alternative of refreshing. It’s a good way to impress new guests and provides a web site a genuine and engaging user interface. 

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To make the UI of your web page extra partaking, you possibly can add headers that fade away slowly. You’ll want so as to add a transition impact through the use of jQuery for this function. You’ll be able to preserve the fading effect slow in such a means that the consumer doesn’t notice when it occurs. It may give a delicate, calming impact on the web page. It’s a newbie stage jQuery mission so you possibly can work on it with little prior knowledge. 

9. Add a Magnifier for Images

You’ll be able to construct a magnifier for images just like the one you see on Amazon’s products. You’ll be able to take inspiration from the jQZoom plugin that provides this impact to images. A magnifier generally is a handy function for websites that concentrate on images corresponding to eCommerce stores and photography blogs.

You’ll be able to first begin by including the plugin to your code after which take inspiration from the plugin to create one yourself. You’ll absolutely have a number of enjoyable whereas engaged on this project. 

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10. Add a Slideshow

You should use the ability of jQuery so as to add a slideshow to your webpage as properly. It’s one of many intermediate-level jQuery projects so that you shouldn’t have a lot of difficulty in making one among these.

Within the picture slider, you create, you possibly can add the choice to have an automated transition of pictures. You should’ve seen such sliders on many distinguished websites so as to take inspiration from them.   

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Time to Attempt These jQuery Projects

Now that you just’ve gone by means of our list of jQuery initiatives, it’s your flip to work on them. Select any one among these according to your stage of interest and experience. 

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