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2003 Patiala Human Trafficking Case: Daler Mehndi Jailed for 2 Years

2003 Patiala Human Trafficking Case: A district judge in Patiala today denied singer Daler Mehndi’s petition against a two-year prison sentence in a 2003 context of human trafficking for bringing individuals abroad by portraying them as troupe members, and he was taken into custody.

Patiala Human Trafficking Case: People Involved

Shamsher Singh and his brother Daler Mehndi were charged with receiving the money to smuggle individuals, primarily to Canada and the US through the “troupe” route, 19 years ago. Others said that they received bribes but did not bring them along, even though they allegedly “drop off” some persons.

A fella named Bakshish Singh brought a claim in September 2003 at the Patiala Sadar police headquarters, stating that the brothers transported two thespians to the US in 1998 and 1999, involving ten participants for illegal immigration. But under the guise of bringing him along, they tricked him. After being detained in October 2003, the siblings were released on bond.

Money Involved In Human Trafficking

According to Bakshish Singh, “They had stolen 13 lakhs from me to transfer me to Canada.” “They neither sent me abroad nor gave me my money back. They used to transfer individuals abroad at that time as a job.” According to sources, 35 additional complaints surfaced after the FIR.

In addition to the Indian Passport Act, the brothers were prosecuted under the people trafficking and conspiracy sections of the Indian Penal Code. While the trial was ongoing in 2017, Shamsher Mehndi passed away. A judicial magistrate’s court Jailed Daler Mehndi to two years in prison in 2018, however, he was later granted bail and appealed the decision.

Daler Mehndi’s appeal was rejected today by the court of Assistant District and Magistrate Judge HS Grewal. He was transported to the Patiala jail after his bail appeal and request to be freed on probation were both denied. He now has the choice to file a lawsuit against the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The neighborhood cops even filed appeals asserting Daler Mehndi’s innocence in 2006, 3 years after the FIR. The court, however, ruled that there was “sufficient evidence” to warrant additional inquiry and refused to release him. Twelve more years were needed for the punishment, and four more are needed to maintain it.

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