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22 Indian Startups Raise Over $447 Million in Funding Last Week




Over $447 million in funding raised by 22 Indian startups last week

New Delhi, March 24 (IANS) Indian startups raised over $447 million last week, with 22 startups securing funding. Among them, nine were growth-stage deals and 11 were early-stage deals. According to Entrackr, Bengaluru-based startups led in funding with 14 deals, while Delhi-NCR had three deals.

In terms of growth-stage deals, Engrail, a healthtech firm, secured the highest funding at $157 million. Other notable funding recipients included Pocket FM, Ultrahuman, and The Good Glamm Group, receiving $103 million, $35 million, and $30 million respectively.

The funding also extended to early-stage startups, with 11 companies collectively securing $27 million in funding. Optimo Loan, a lending-tech startup, led the pack, followed by Liquidnitro, Brij Hotels, and Sprih in the gaming and hospitality sectors.


Overall, the investment landscape in India’s startup ecosystem remains active, with a diverse range of companies attracting funding for various stages of growth and development. This continuous flow of capital highlights the confidence of investors in the potential of Indian startups to drive innovation and create value in the market.

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