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26/11: The unsung American soldier who saved 157 lives in the Mumbai attack

New Delhi: Today is the 12th anniversary of 26/11 attack. In 2008, there was a terrorist attack at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on this day. 166 people were killed by Pak terrorists who came by sea. While around 600 people were seriously injured in this attack. In this attack, some brave soldiers and police officers had contributed in killing the terrorists by putting their lives at stake. One such hero was Captain Ravi Dharnidharka who saved the lives of 157 people trapped in the Taj Hotel during that attack.

Who is Ravi Dharnidhiraka

Ravi Dharnidhirka (Ravi Dharnidharka) has its roots in India. He come to India even during his stay in the US. His family lives near Mumbai’s Badhwar Park. At the same time, some of his other relatives also live in Mumbai, where he often comes to meet them. From 2004 to 2008, Ravi was posted in Faluja city of Iraq. During this time, he could not come to India for four years. He came to meet his family only after completing the Iraq mission. He come to India to spend holidays in a way.

He came to spend holidays in Mumbai

After a long time in 2008, he again came to Mumbai. After spending a few days at home, he decided to have dinner at the famous Taj Hotel in Mumbai. When he reached the Taj Hotel for dinner at night with his cousin and uncle, he felt happy every time. Indian and foreign people were enjoying the cuisine with their families.

Was enjoying the food, started having a blast

Ravi Dharnidhirka, along with his relatives, arrived at the 20th floor of Hotel Taj at the Lebanese restaurant ‘Suk’. Here he was enjoying food. Then suddenly bullets and squealing started from the bottom of the hotel. The rest were immersed in the same thinking as to what is happening. There was a confusion on their faces.

He became a Shields for people

Before Ravi could understand anything, his second cousin got a call that terrorists have attacked in Taj Hotel. This scene was not new to Ravi. Therefore, they thought of taking work with great understanding. He started telling the people present there that now he would have to escape himself. Just then, he saw a door at the restaurant. The door was made of glass, terrorists could throw grenades at people from the other side of the door. Ravi asked all the people present there to walk in the other hall. Ravi quickly entered the hall with people. The door of the hall was closed from inside. Couch was also installed on the door. So that no terrorist can enter.

He Told people – have to run through the back stairs

He was trying to peek through the window again and again to understand the conditions outside. Shortly there were two blasts on the sixth floor of the hotel. There was a bad fire. Ravi thought that if these people got stuck here, it might be that the shot circuit happens and the 20th floor will also catch fire. Ravi did not want to take any wrong decision. So he told the people present there that the army was coming to save them. Ravi further said, the fire has been down. We have to run through the backstair

All phones were off, shoes were taken off

At the same time, Ravi asked some officers of the former army to go ahead so that he would take care that children and women do not face many threats. So did happen. At the forefront, former officers than men and women and children. The hall was completely empty. 157 people were running down the back stairs. All those people especially Ravi had said that they should run away with shoes and turn off their mobile phones too. This was happening. Ravi was left alone in the hall at last.

Life was at stake again for an elderly woman

He was also ready to go down now. Then he saw an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair in the corner of the hall. Ravi said that you have to walk down. To this, the old lady replied that you leave me and go away, which will be seen. But Ravi could not leave them alone. He lifted the elderly woman in his lap and started descending rapidly. It was not easy to get off a woman on her lap from the 20th floor. But Ravi did not give up. Those who had come down safely had their eyes on their hero. At that time, Ravi was coming down fast as he descended the stairs carrying the elderly woman. He stepped down. There were tears in people’s eyes, he was calling Ravi a real hero.

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