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3 amazing new jobs for 2021 (that you might not know even existed)

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The current crisis has reshaped the working lives of so many people. Some have gone from having to endure a daily commute to the office to working remotely from home. Some have gone from working for somebody else to working for themselves and starting their own business from home. Others have gone from having full-time jobs and busy careers to having no job at all.

Often this is because not only their job but the niche their employer was in has disappeared almost completely. For these people, they may have to retrain for another career. Some are late in their working lives and may be unaware of some of the industries and careers that have emerged since the last time they went job hunting.

With that in mind, here are a few of the more interesting careers for those looking to retrain in 2021.

#1 Online language teacher

The retraining here is based more on the application rather than the skill involved, after all, we all know how to speak our native language. While there are a large number of websites and courses that can teach anybody to speak another language, there are always those who get the most from one-to-one teaching.

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This is where you come in. You will be going online, using conferencing software, and teaching children in other countries how to speak your native language. Parents in other nations (especially China) are keen for the children to learn to converse in other languages (especially English) and learn words and phrases not found in textbooks.

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#2 Cloud platform skills

IT has moved on a bit since you got your first login password all those years ago. Nowadays, companies aren’t limited by their physical IT hardware and have the majority of their project work on a cloud platform online. This has led to a huge demand for people with the skills to work with this new technology that far outstrips demand.

AWS is the biggest and most widely used of these platforms so this would be the best place to start. Training for any role within this new industry will have to start with general AWS certification training before branching out and specializing in either development, architecture, or security (to name just three among many choices)

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#3 Vegan nutritionist

The current situation and the amount of time people have had to spend indoors has led to people addressing long-term issues like sleep disorders, depression, and food allergies. This, and the current crisis highlighting the need for people to take better care of themselves, has led to an increase in demand for nutritionists, especially those who specialize in vegan nutrition.

With the number of vegans increasing sevenfold between 2014 and 2019, there is a massive number of people embracing a new lifestyle with little knowledge of what they can eat (with most of the focus on what they are not eating). 

There are plenty of courses available and if your former career was in customer service or training based, this could be your new path forward.

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