3 Important Points To Remember When Renting A Car In Morocco

You have decided to rent a car in Marrakech for your next visit to Morocco and are making all the necessary preparations to ensure a worthwhile trip. It is important to know that while Morocco is a beautiful country with breathtaking views, there are some challenges that you could encounter as a newcomer in the city such as the unwritten driving rules and the hectic traffic. In this article, we are going to discuss three very important points to consider when you visit the city for the first time to ensure a smooth overall experience.

Morocco has become more popular than it used to be because of its rapid development, its strategic location between Africa and Europe making it accessible by both continents, its diverse range of attractions including ancient cities like Marrakech, and Fez, and its stunning landscapes such as the Sahara Desert, and the Atlas mountain. Find a dependable supplier from the OneClickDrive marketplace and secure affordable car rental Morocco to explore the city at your own pace and witness all the beauty it has to offer. Before you do that however, here are some important points that you must not forget when you arrive in Morocco.

  1. Be extra vigilant: Morocco is typically a safe country with a relatively low crime rate but you still need to remain vigilant and watch your valuables at all times. You should also avoid late-night journeys or traveling to secluded areas alone. Additionally, you must be aware that petty crimes like pickpocketing are a common problem in Morocco especially around souks and medina hence it is necessary to be specifically careful when visiting these places as well as any other tourist attraction center or crowded environment.
  1. Drive slowly as there is a lot on the road: Driving in Morocco is quite interesting as you will find a lot of other things sharing the road with you. Slow-moving trucks, small motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, oxen, donkeys, children, and lots of pedestrians all move at varying speeds on the same road. New drivers must adapt to this mixed-traffic environment and maintain a slow pace until the road is clear. Additionally, you must also be quite vigilant and ready to apply the brakes swiftly, as unexpected obstacles like children or even animals may appear out of nowhere which will require an immediate stop to prevent an accident.
  1. Study the traffic rules: The traffic rules in Morocco are generally easy to follow as they are similar to other countries. However, you may witness stricter enforcement measures in place including traffic cameras and police checkpoints. Familiarizing yourself with the rules is essential to avoid potential penalties such as fines, points deducted from the driver’s license, license suspension, or vehicle confiscation. It is also important to know that driving in Morocco is on the right side and seatbelts are compulsory. If you are used to left-side driving you may need to practice on less busy roads before venturing onto the highway. 


Morocco is a fast-paced country and the traffic can get extremely busy sometimes. Regardless of the situation, it is necessary to exercise patience and drive with caution at all times. Adhering to the designated speed limit of 60km/hr in urban areas and double that on motorways is compulsory. But you can drive up to 100 km/hr on express roads. You should also pay attention to animals on the road as it may happen that a camel or sheep suddenly stands in the way. Lastly, drivers need to be aware of the penalties associated with violating traffic rules and regulations to avoid legal consequences and ensure road safety.

Lokendra Deswar

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