3 Ways to Convert (Multiple) PSD to PDF without Losing Quality

Most of us have gotten into the habit of storing files as PDF, whether they are text or image-based because PDF is the only file type that ensures your contents look precisely the same on different displays across multiple platforms. And now, we’ll look at PSD to PDF conversion.

We obviously need a programme such as a psd to pdf converter by to convert PSD to PDF, and there are many possibilities to choose, but if you want to convert many PSD files to PDF while retaining good quality, the options are dramatically reduced to a few.

PSD to PDF Converter of Superior Quality (Support Multiple Pages)

In terms of high-quality PSD to PDF converter, Pixillion Image Converter meets all of our requirements and is the clear winner; it strikes the perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and cost.

Pixillion Image Converter is a batch image processing programme that wraps its editing and converting functions in an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to edit and convert 50+ different types of photos. In other words, you may use Pixillion not only to export PSD as PDF or other image formats, but also to modify before conversion, such as adding a watermark, rotating, flipping, and so on. It also allows you to convert several PSD files to a single PDF file while keeping the content.

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How to Convert Multiple PSD Files to a Single PDF Without Losing Quality?

  1. Download Pixillion Image Converter from the NCH Software website, install it, and run it.
  2. Drag and drag several PSD files into the interface.
  3. Select PDF as the output format, and then click on Encoder Settings to customise your PDF file.
  4. Select all PSD files, then click the Combine button to combine them into a single PDF.

Best Free PSD to PDF Converter Online

There are so many free online PSD to PDF converters to choose from that it’s difficult to pick just one. As a result, we chose the finest for you—online2pdf.

To be honest, online free file converters with conversion sites crammed with Google Ads are seldom my first pick, however, online2pdf makes an exception this time. It wins this game due to high-quality PSD to PDF conversion and a limited number of file-customization options, such as combining multiple PSD files into a single PDF.

Steps to Convert PSD to PDF Multi-page Online for Free using a psd to pdf converter:

  1. In your web browser, go to online2pdf.
  2. Simply drag and drop all of your PSD files into online2pdf.
  3. Go to Mode and select Merge files.
  4. Go to Convert to and choose PDF as the output format.
  5. To save several PSD files as one PDF online, click Convert.

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Use Photoshop to convert PSD to PDF.

Adobe Photoshop will do the job and even does a better job to convert PSD to PDF using a psd to pdf converter with excellent quality and layers retained for Adobe users; but, it cannot convert several PSD files to one PDF at the same time.

Follow these steps to convert a PSD file to a PDF file in Adobe Photoshop to psd converter.

  1. Start Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Drag and drag the PSD file into Photoshop, then select File>Save As.
  3. Select Photoshop PDF as the output format.
  4. To convert PSD to PDF in Photoshop, click Save.

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