3 Ways You Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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We’re all faced with temptation during the holidays, from delicious baked goods to Eggnog to Netflix movies. Traditionally, the holidays are a time to eat, drink, and be merry with our families and loved ones. It’s a wonderful time of year, and you can definitely stay on top of your health and fitness goals with a little bit of balance.

So how do we find that balance between staying healthy and enjoying the holidays?

Read on for 3 ways you can stay healthy during the holidays.

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1. Move Your Body

The holidays are a time of year where a lot of sitting and relaxing is encouraged. Whether we’re sitting by the fire outside, or watching a movie with our families, we spend a lot of time inactive. While it’s nice to spend quality time relaxing, consider adding some exercise into the mix.

Being active is good for our health year-round, and it’s important to stay on top of your exercise routine in some way during the holidays. While you may not have time to squeeze in a 60-minute cycle class on Christmas Eve or Hanukkah, a simple walk around the block will get your blood and endorphins flowing.

Staying active is important in maintaining a healthy immune system, so stay safe and healthy this holiday season and invite your family members to try these workouts with you.

2. Don’t Overeat

While it’s easy to get caught up in your aunt’s delicious home-cooked food, be careful not to overeat. By paying attention to your body’s hunger cues, you’ll be able to stop eating when you’ve had enough.

Here are a few tips to avoid overeating:

  • Eat fewer appetizers and desserts, and save room for the main course
  • Try to load half of your plate with vegetables or fruits
  • Make sure to drink lots of water to help with digestion
  • Eat slowly or take a break after the first helping, since your brain takes a few minutes to realize that you’re full

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By using these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday food without overindulging.

3. Don’t Deprive Yourself

It’s important not to adopt an all-or-nothing mentality during the holiday season. If you really want that slice of chocolate cake that your grandma only makes once a year, go for it. Keeping your diet on track during the holidays is not as important as making sure you enjoy yourself.

Use intuitive eating to guide your holiday eating habits, and don’t give up after one excessive meal. You can stay on track by making sure your next meal or snack is a nutritious one. Think of it as a blank slate and encourage yourself to eat more healthfully.

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How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

By staying active and eating mindfully, you’ll be able to stay healthy during the holidays. The most important thing is that you enjoy your time, no matter how you spend it.

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