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30 Captivating Eclipse Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

Eclipses are a natural phenomenon where the sun or the moon aligns in the same course leading to a deafening view of the other. It might sound very normal and something that we have all studied in school, but an eclipse is perhaps a very rare event.

It also radiates extremely harmful rays which might even cause lasting effects on people who try to watch it without the protective gear on them. Eclipses are perhaps a beautiful sight that can be seen; people tend to romanticize the phenomenon as well.

Some people also tend to get tattoos of the same. Eclipses radiate positivity, energy, and hope and send out the message that the universe is vast and there is something planned for each one of us.

We have mentioned below the 30 best eclipse tattoo ideas which you can check out to keep the sign of the beautiful moment on your body.

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30 Eclipse Tattoo Ideas:

1. Beautiful

Credit: @hannpoke/Instagram

2. Detailed

Credit: @ygtattoos/Instagram

3. Small Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @vasia/Instagram

4. Pretty

Credit: @catnoname/Instagram

5. Figure Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @outofstepbooks/Instagram

6. Monotone

Credit: @vibingwithcats/Instagram

7. Bold

Credit: @daniwilliamstattoo/Instagram

8. Matching

Credit: @inkvici/Instagram

9. Graphic Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @moi.d.k/Instagram

10. Adorable

Credit: @mercurarosa/Instagram

11. Artsy

Credit: @loleanna/Instagram

12. Innovative

Credit: @amonmazdah/Instagram

13. Splash Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @el3na_s/Instagram

14. Zodiac

Credit: @nachtschwarz/Instagram

15. Arm

Credit: @jilliandollarsink/Instagram

16. Rabbit

Credit: @ceniza.479/Instagram

17. Chest Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @tori.lewii/Instagram

18. Perfect

Credit: @chuey_ci/Instagram

19. Rainbow

Credit: @calebmorfordtattoos/Instagram

20. Side Chest Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @dritaromerotattoo/Instagram

21. Back

Credit: @pimp_my_skin_tattoo/Instagram

22. Sunny Eclipse Tattoo Idea


23. Full Arm

Credit: @mike_przn/Instagram

24. Elbow

Credit: @eviesttt/Instagram

25. Scary Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @sootskin/Instagram

26. Lady

Credit: @outofstepbooks/Instagram

27. Aesthetic Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @tattooer_nadi/Instagram

28. Full Hand

Credit: @pics_of_inked_/Instagram

29. Full Back

Credit: @_ink_kila_/Instagram

30. Wrist Eclipse Tattoo Idea

Credit: @tatink_tattoo/Instagram

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