4 Common Types of Air Purifiers for Home

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It is not unknown that air purifiers are available in different shapes, colours, and sizes. What needs your attention more significantly is the fact that the working of all air purifiers is not the same. Also, various air purifiers make use of various technologies while cleaning the air to be breathed in. It is also important to be known about the working of all the technologies so that you can be assured of choosing the proper air purifier on rent to meet your particular needs. Let us take a glimpse through the 4 common types of air purifiers for home:

#1 HEPA Technology

HEPA is an abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a technology that has been in use for several years for filtering particles. HEPA filters should meet a trapping level of a minimum of 99.97% of different particles bigger than 0.3 microns. The eyes of human beings can view only those particles which are bigger than 10 microns so that the particles trapped in HEPA filters like chemicals, viruses, and bacteria are not visible.

#2 Activated Carbon Technology

Activated carbon is a kind of carbon that gets thoroughly processed to become highly porous with a bigger surface area available for absorption. The usage of activated carbon started long back in 1990 when it was commercially retailed for purifying water and taking out colour from the sugar. During the first World war, it was found that activated carbon could be combined with gas masks for the protection of soldiers and during wartime for air purifiers.

#3 UV Technology

UV technology is oftentimes used in combination with systems of particulate filter because it does not eliminate the airborne particles. It is, therefore, an outstanding way of killing germs like viruses and bacteria. Air purifiers for home make use of this technology consist of an inbuilt UV lamp and with the passing of microorganisms, the UV rays get radiated out of the lamp, the occurrence of genetic or cellular damage which can destroy the microorganisms.

#4 Negative Ion

Air purifiers with negative ions make use of chemical injections for cleaning the air. An ion is an organic substance with a positive or negative charge. They acquire this charge by losing or gaining an electron. Negative ions simply refer to the atoms of oxygen which are gainers of the electron.

They use the magnetic power to attract airborne particles like dust and pollen as long as the newly formed particle becomes too heavy to continue being in the air. This leads to a downfall in the particles which then attach themselves to other solid material in the room like a wall or window.

These are the four types of air purifiers that are most commonly used in homes. All of them are highly effective and they work well in improving the quality of indoor air in your home. Also, you can get a water purifier on rent if you don’t want to buy one because renting a water purifier will help you in the same way as buying a water purifier will.

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