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4 High Paying Job Opportunities for Non-Engineering Freshers

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Companies including tech giants such as Tesla, Google, etc are moving away from the traditional recruitment processes. Some of the most desirable companies have started to value skills over credentials but we are far away from a day where every candidate will be evaluated purely based on their skill and not their educational background or transcripts. How to Write Career Objective in Resume [For Freshers & Experienced]

People think that engineers are preferred for a lot of the High Paying Job Opportunities for Non Engineering, but that’s not exactly true. More and more engineers are graduating every year with the number of engineering colleges in the country rising exponentially and the pace at which lucrative job opportunities for fresh graduates are growing is relatively lower. This creates the illusion that engineers are bagging a huge chunk of the jobs in the market. In this article, we will go over a few of the lucrative job opportunities for non-engineering graduates.


The largest insurance company in India,  Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), conducts a selection process at regular intervals to recruit suitable candidates for the role of Assistant Administrative Officer. LIC AAO recruitment isn’t necessarily conducted every year. It is conducted based on the number of vacancies in a particular year. The starting salary of a LIC AAO is around INR 65,000 which is significantly more than what an average IT engineer makes. The LIC AAO recruitment process involves a preliminary exam, a mains exam followed by a final interview. The topics that are tested in this exam are very basic to ensure a level playing field.

Based on the LIC AAO result of 2019 and the years before, we can estimate that the tentative number of vacancies would be between 200 and 600.

2. Bank jobs:

A 9-5 job with a starting salary of up to 9 LPA, work-life balance, and ample allowances – this is exactly what the banking sector offers. You could take up any of the renowned exams, conducted every year by the recruiting bodies such as the SBI, RBI, or IBPS. You can either apply for the role of a Probationary Officer (PO), clerk, or specialist officer based on your preferences.

3. Data Scientist / AI & ML Engineer

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are emerging fields and according to a recent survey, these futuristic skills are sure to create around 30-40% of the “jobs of tomorrow” and over 60% of the vacancies in these areas are yet to be filled by qualified people. Since these are relatively new fields, most colleges don’t cover them in their regular syllabus, and even the ones that do offer courses/electives on these subjects only manage to scratch the surface. 4 Important Reasons Why You Should Study Machine Learning

The obsolete curricula taught in Indian colleges might just work in your favor for once. If you are willing to spend around 4-6 months upskilling yourself then you could even find yourself in the big three – Facebook, Google, or Amazon. With online degrees and certification programs being offered for working professionals and freshers alike, you could easily be assured of a 6+ LPA job 8-9 months down the line. 7 steps you must know if you want to become a Machine Learning Engineer

The best part – you don’t have to worry about losing your job to automation or your skillset becoming obsolete. The basic skills required to become an AI/Ml Engineer or a data scientist are very similar. You could start by learning Python using free tutorials available on YouTube and then decide which way you would like to go. Top 15 Machine Learning Interview Questions & Answers

4. Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers will never go out of fashion and there is a serious dearth of skilled full-stack developers in the industry today. Most of the developers are either proficient in just backend or frontend but the need of the hour is an all-rounder – a full stack developer who is truly language and stack agnostic.  Full-stack developers are rewarded handsomely. The median salary offered to a qualified full-stack developer is close to 5 lakh p.a. Why Become a Full Stack Developer? Top 4 Practical Reasons [2020]

Emerging startups and global IT majors prefer freshers over experience folks since freshers are cost-effective and can easily be moulded into well-rounded developers. With coding boot camps popping up everywhere, you could become an industry-ready full stack developer in just 12-15 weeks. All coding boot-camps are career outcome-based so you can be assured of a decent job at the end of it.

You will stand an equal chance of landing a job as an engineer in all of the aforementioned job opportunities. #1 and #2 don’t require candidates to learn a new skill from scratch, however, choices #3 & #4 will need a significant amount of time and effort.

You could also explore the exams conducted by the Railways (RRB NTPC), Staff Selection Commission, UPSC & State PSC.

Choose wisely and start today!

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