4 Inspirational David Beckham Hairstyles That Every Fan Should Try At Least Once

By profession, David Beckham is a football player but in reality, he is a fashion icon, giving major fashion goals even in his 40s. Yes, today we gonna talk about none other than David Beckham. British fashion legend serving us perfect face cut and hair.

Whether he’s is a part of a campaign or just spotted grabbing a coffee down the street. The dapper always becomes the talk of the town his clothes as well as grooming part. But not only his clothes but his hair is always on point. So, to celebrate his dedication to serving us dapper style and perfect haircut we have rounded some of David Beckham Hairstyles-

4 Inspirational David Beckham Hairstyles That Every Fan Should Try At Least Once

1. Short Hair

David Beckham

David has always been known for his sophisticated, gentlemanly style. He usually typically sports short hairstyles that can be well groomed all year long. David’s short hairstyles come in a lot of variety like buzz-cut and undercut. The most common thing in every hairstyle is they make you look smart and sleek. 

2. Comb-Over

David Beckham Hairstyle

David himself admitted to preferring suit any time of the day. So, the hair accessory is a comb-over hair look. The classic hairstyle makes you look elegant and dapper. The star adds his own twist to this style by adding more volume and a little imperfect structure. 

3. Buzzcut

Best David Beckham Hairstyles

As mentioned beck has rocked many short haircuts before but nothing came close to his buzzcut look. A low-maintenance look with an edge yet simple haircut. David likes to add his own twist to the buzzcut by playing it with different hair lengths. 

4. Undercut

David Backham

The undercut done on David’s hair is one of the chicest undercuts of all time. The style is achieved by shaving both sides and smoothly blending it into the longer length on top. While sporting this look, Beckham often adds his facial hair making his overall look spicy. His short beard is the perfect accessory to this style. 

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