13 Allu Arjun Long Hairstyles for Your Next Haircut (2024)

Explore 13 Allu Arjun long hairstyles for your next haircut in 2024, featuring a variety of stylish and trendsetting looks.

The South-Indian stylish star Allu Arjun is a fashion icon. The Tollywood actor is a well-known celebrity not only in the south but throughout India after the success of his PAN India film ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. Apart from his movies, Allu Arjun’s haircuts are always in the news mostly because they are given contemporary and bold appearances based on the role he plays on screen. 

No doubt today’s generation takes inspiration from new looks and styles. Today let’s explore all about Stylish Star Allu Arjun Hairstyle Looks and see what he has to offer to the audience.

13 Best Stylish Star Allu Arjun Hairstyle Looks

1. Disconnected Pompadour with High Fade

Allu Arjun Hairstyle

Allu Arjun’s hairstyle at present is depicted as messy as per his role in Pushpa. Earlier in the past alls has sported a similar kind of hairstyle making it his signature look of all time. 

2. Quiff Hairstyle

Allu Arjun Best Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle was one of those trends that swept the industry by storm. Several celebrities opted for this style and Allu is no exception. 

Allu Arjun rocked the quiff short hairstyle in the most dapper manner in a few of his movies.

3. Side Swept Fringe Haircut

Allu Arjun Long hair

The side-swept fringe haircut is one of my favorite styles by Allu. He has been rocking the fringe looks in various styles for a few years in some of his movies.

It is classy, edgy, and clean. The hairstyle is easy to carry with low maintenance making it the easiest option for young men.

4. Side Textured Quiff

Allu Arjun Side Textured Quiff

Another variation for quiff hairstyle but in a side textured look. The easiest yet the simplest look for any hairstyle. You can also go for a look at your office or any family function. Trimmed side with heavy top with volume. 

5. Long Curly Haircut

Allu Arjun Curly Hair

Do you have long curly hair and find it hard to style, then you can choose Allu’s hairstyle. Just grow them and let them flow. Trim them once in a while. Allu’s long hairstyle is hard to miss, it was during the shoot of Pushpa he was seen rocking the look.

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6. Man Pony

Man Pony
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The famous actor loves to try new trends. Here is opted for a long hair ponytail. It is unique and trendy. 

7. Mid-Parted Messy Long Hair

Mid-Parted Messy Long Hair
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

During his initial years, he opted for messy long hair showcasing his curly hair texture. He rocked this hairstyle in the Desamuduru movie

8. Long Wet Hairstyle

Long Wet Hairstyle

Another iconic Allu Arjun hairstyle. Wet hairstyle on long hair. Quite a bold and challenging style but surely makes you the center of attention. 

9. Front Combed Hair

Front Combed Hair
Image Courtesy: Pxfuel

He rocked this look in his movie Aarya. It makes him look youthful and effortless. The haircut is perfect for summer and easy to maintain. 

10. Short Casual Haircut

Allu Arjun Short Hair

This one is short and simple. If you are looking for a haircut that you can rock professionally, then go for this look. Easy to maintain and make you look clean and sober. 

11. Mid Spikes Haircut

A contemporary take on the regular haircut. In this, hair is kept super short and can be combed in any direction. A handsome haircut for a regular guy. 

12. Coloured Hair

Allu Arjun hairstyles
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Yes, Allu Arjun tried rocking colored highlights. He nailed the look with his stylish appearance and set a new trend for Indian youth. Quite a vibrant take on today’s men’s hairstyle, this one will surely make you look stylish and bold. 

13. Side-Combed Voluminous

Allu Arjun Hairstyle
Image Courtesy: @allarjunonline/Instagram

A stylish yet trendy Allu Arjun hairstyle that you can rock at any time of the year. This one will make you look stylish and masculine. 

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