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6 Best Ullu Hot Web Series that will keep you hooked this 2023

Everyone is fond of OTT platforms, these days. People early await the release of new movies and web series. Ullu is one such OTT platform whose demand is growing at an ultimate pace as it platforms some amazing lust-filled content. So, let’s dive into some of the best Ullu hot web series you can enjoy this 2023.

Top Ullu Hot Web Series 

1. Jabran

Ullu Hot Web Series

Jabran is based on the revenge genre. Filled with thrilling and suspenseful scenes. The series revolves around an unhappy or say dissatisfied girl in marriage but in a different manner. The ullu hot web series gives you a glimpse into what happens when you forcefully ask for sex from your spouse. How dangerous it can be for you. If you are looking for a thrilling experience filled with eroticism then this won’t let you down. 

2. Honey Trap

Best Ullu Hot Web Series

The honey trap is filled with hot steamy scenes. The upcoming series depicts a story of a girl living her life based on her values and terms. She never compromised with her lifestyle. But now she is going to extreme lengths in order to get rid of her loneliness. Judging by the trailer the series looks interesting with a great plotline. One scene shows her swallowing medicines with honey and then her whole life changes.

3. I Love You

I Love You

Yet another upcoming ullu hot web series. It tells a tale of a love triangle- the most talked about topic in the entertainment industry. The series is all set to be released this month. The trailer is already making a lot of waves among the public. Filled with raw emotions and the tumultuous journey of 2 girls and their relationship. If you are looking for a series about love, heartbreak and sadness then this will definitely keep you hooked to your screen. 

4. Takk Part II

Takk Part II Web Series

One of the most successful series on ullu, Takk is all set to bring its Part 2. The first season received a lot of appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. After that, the makers decided to bring it all again with more thrill and spice. The series will be released on November 11th. 

5. Lady Finger

Lady Finger is one of the most liked web series currently. The lead in the series, Ayushi Jaiwal has left no stone unturned to give her best shot. Plus it comes with great suspense then will make you watch till the last episode. Head on to watch ullu hot web series.

6. Love next door

A series based on same-sex relationships. It shows an overprotective husband who changes his home as he doesn’t like it if anyone gazes at his wife. But love knows no gender, his wife Isha soon starts a sexual relationship with a widow Tara.

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