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5 Binge-Worthy Anushka Kaushik Web Series

Anushka Kaushik, a well-known Indian performer best known for playing Vidhi Gupta in Crash Course, has also appeared in a number of well-liked web series, including “Ghar Waapsi”, “Khayali Pulao”, and “Thar”. She has worked with well-known YouTube channels including Girliyapa and RVCJ Media. Anushka started her acting career in drama and YouTube videos before making her big screen debut in 2018’s “SP Chouhan: A Struggling Man”, starring Jimmy Shergill and Yuvika Choudhary. She has been soaring her way through the entertainment biz for a long time now, so if you wanna check out some web series that you wanna enjoy with your friends and family or even alone, these are the top 5 Anushka Kaushik web series to check out.

5 Anushka Kaushik Web Series:

1. ‘Ghar Waapsi’

Shekhar, who is at present unemployed, begins on a voyage of self-discovery after returning to his hometown and experiences a life-altering metamorphosis. Emotional, touching, and very real to watch.

2. ‘Pyaar vs Dosti’

The girl battles to strike a balance between her sentiments of love and her commitment to his childhood best buddy after learning that she got engaged without telling him.

3. ‘Crash Course

The story centers around two competing coaching institutes and how their rivalry affects the students that sign up to study there. Elements of friendship, initial affection, heartbreak, social pressure, and the passing of adolescent naivety are prevalent throughout the voyage.

4. ‘Boys Hostel’

Hostel life is full of irreplaceable happiness, amazing experiences, and unforgettable recollections. Students that take part in this special event develop strong friendships and shine.

5. ‘Backpackers’

Both Kanan and Era are ardent travelers who meet while on a vacation to Manali and develop an unbreakable relationship. Their extraordinary experience serves as the cornerstone of their enduring relationship.

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