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5 Common Tricks Casinos Use to Keep You Playing

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Nowadays, online casinos are one of the best ways for some people to have fun and entertain. That was the original purpose of gambling sites, however, it is pretty easy to get lost in the process. The thrill of winning huge money keeps gamblers addicted to the point that they can’t stop playing anymore.

So, why does it happen? Online gambling itself is quite addictive. But, there also are some tricks that casinos use to keep you playing for a long time. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss down below.

Bonuses and Promotions

The first thing that comes to mind about tricks online casinos use to keep you playing is bonus money. When you visit any online gambling site today, there is no chance that it does not have a promotional offer.

In most cases, the bonuses come in the form of a welcome package. This is something casinos do to motivate you to start playing. When you see that your $100 deposit suddenly became $200, you definitely want to double the amount. If you are lucky enough to see profits from the bonus, you will continue to gamble in the hopes of getting more and more money.

The welcome bonus is not the only promotional offer you’ll find. In a lot of instances, online casinos have other promotions for loyal players. For instance, you can enroll in the VIP club which is specifically created for loyal gamblers. It also keeps people addicted since they get special gifts and prizes that no regular players can have.

Sound Effects

It is a popular fact that in physical casinos there are a lot of noises and sounds. They give you the impression that it is your fortunate day. For instance, the sounds of slot machines are way too appealing and the vocal noises dealers and other gamblers make, aid in this.

Gambling sites employ the same strategy as well. Sounds that simulate a physical casino are utilized on online gambling websites to keep players riveted to their desktop or mobile screens. Top online casinos are in partnership with casino software companies that provide high-quality sounds.

So, when you are playing a slot game at an online gambling site and hit the winning combination, you hear some exciting voices. This helps you lose track of time since you want to get more satisfaction from getting more money.

Visuals and Graphics

Lights and applause have always been connected to success. For instance, when singers go on stage, they have a lot of flashing lights behind them to make viewers happy and excited. The same can goes for gambling sites.

When you are playing on a gambling site, you might continually see flashing lights. This creates an attitude that you are in a whole different universe. As a result, it gets easy to lose track of time once again.

Aside from that, just a few people will visit gambling sites if they are boring with simple colors. While the aesthetically appealing experience makes it unforgettable, a lot of gamblers get addicted to it. So, nice visuals and graphics are something you should expect at top online casinos today.

Colors and Design

Did you know that certain colors cause a rush of adrenaline and other physiological responses in the body?  For that reason, marketers employ them with caution while branding the company’s image. A lot of successful corporations nowadays have special colors associated with them. For instance, red is the color that raises adrenaline and makes you feel superior.

To achieve a good result, several gambling sites use the color red or just hints of it. If not, they utilize colors that are known to get players excited.

Games With Storylines

As we already mentioned, top online casinos today are in partnership with several casino software companies. That gives them the possibility to have high-quality games that come with exciting storylines.

Some slot games include tales that function similarly to unlocking extra rounds. Instead of merely spinning the reels and trying to win, you move in the tale. As a result, such games draw you in and make you want to play for longer.


Gambling sites keep players interested by employing simple tactics that improve the overall experience. If these features did not exist, it would be almost impossible for casinos to stay competitive in the market. No one would want to play at a site that looks outdated, has boring games, and does not have bonuses.

All in all, knowing about these simple tricks can help you better control your gambling habits. Whatever you do, always make sure that you play for fun and gamble responsibly.

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