5 Must Have Outfits In Your Closet To Make It Work During Every Event

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Choosing an outfit is difficult, but knowing that you have to socialize after that hectic deal event you just went through, is simply traumatizing by itself. So worry not, here are a few outfits, which can be paired up with one another and you can create different outfits by just patching them up every day. It’s like really like, Jojo’s fashion show, if you know, you just know.

Let’s Take A Look At The Outfits:

1. Dress A Gown

Live your Princess Jasmine life with this dress. A straight-cut dress, with the bottom, flared like a gown, and a trail to make it even more royal than it already is! Keep your hair loose and don’t forget your magic charm necklace.

2. Drop Crop

This outfit is an amalgamation of a lot of things that can be paired up with other outfits later too. For the crop top you can wear it with jeans later on, and the bottom skirt can be paired with an oversized tee. The possibilities are endless over here, and you have to use your imagination.

3. Ez-Breezy

What’s an outfit article, without the mention of our favorite loose bottom dress with the silver heavy jewels to go along with it, giving off a very rustic and natural vibe to the Genz outfit?

4. Business Chick

Get your matching bottoms and blazer and your favorite tank wear on the inside and go along with your day. Here is how you can use this outfit in other scenes too. You can match up your blazer which is sort of beige with a very funky color to create a contrast and do the same with the bottom. Sometimes you can flick the heels to a good pair of classy sneakers and rock the day.

5. Cocktail Party

Obviously, you have to have a dazzling dress in your closet if you don’t then what’s the point event? Get yourself a very sexy dress, do it with confidence and the world is just your stage.

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