5 Must-Have Skills To Thrive As A DevOps Engineer In 2021

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There are several must-have skills to thrive as a DevOps engineer in 2021. According to recent studies, demand for DevOps engineers is expected to increase by over 20% between now and 2026. Typically, DevOps engineers need a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a related job field. In addition, most employers are looking for a specific skillset as they hire new programmers and operations professionals to the team. As a tech enthusiast looking to break into the DevOps field, you need to know which skills are in-demand in the industry. This way, you can learn the best coding languages, tools, and practices to get hired. Read on to learn about the must-have skills to thrive as a DevOps engineer in 2021.

Linux Fundamentals And Scripting

First, it is essential to understand Linux fundamentals and scripting as you look to become a DevOps engineer. After all, most companies prefer hosting their applications on Linux operating systems. In 2018, nearly 70% of server deployments were conducted on Linux alone. Since then, this number has been steadily increasing, largely because major tech companies are adopting their OS. In addition, most configuration management tools have their master nodes running on Linux. Therefore, DevOps professionals need to handle Linux-based scripting languages, such as Python. With such widespread use, Linux fundamentals and scripting are essential in the DevOps industry.

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Pipeline Automation Tools

Next, many DevOps enterprises also use pipeline automation tools. If you are just getting started with DevOps, you may be wondering, “What is a DevOps pipeline?” Importantly, a DevOps pipeline is a set of automated processes and tools that allow developers and operations professions to collaborate on code and deployments. For example, many software development teams use JFrog Pipelines to ship updates faster. Indeed, you can use this tool to automate your DevOps processes and set up CI/CD infrastructure. In a field that is always looking to deploy faster, this automation is critical. In short, learn pipeline automation tools when looking to get hired as a DevOps engineer.

Infrastructure As Code Development

In addition, DevOps engineers also need to know how to develop infrastructure as code. Importantly, infrastructure as code (IaC) entails managing and provisioning your computer data centers using configuration files. By using these configuration files, you can set up your complete infrastructure by running a script. Since you can do this in every environment, IaC can make the entire software development process more efficient. Additionally, IaC significantly reduces the need for manually configured infrastructure. Indeed, programmers who know how to develop infrastructure as code can create less error-prone infrastructure. Definitely, learn IaC development to stand out in the DevOps job application pool.


Moreover, security is another essential skill for DevOps engineers. Notably, many companies trend towards the DevSecOps methodology. With this approach, engineers perform security activities at every phase of the DevOps lifecycle. For example, professionals may run a code quality scanner to identify vulnerabilities. Often, these tools provide recommendations for how to fix the issue as well. By testing and implementing security early, software teams can fix issues faster for a lower cost. Therefore, DevOps managers are looking for engineers with top security skills as they hire more team members.

Strong Communication And Collaboration

Furthermore, strong communication and collaboration are critical when working on a DevOps team. Importantly, the DevOps methodology aims to break down the silos between development and operations teams. Therefore, DevOps managers are looking for engineers who can build connections with their team members and work to relieve pipeline bottlenecks. In addition, DevOps professionals meed to assess and streamline their goals towards one common objective. This way, your team can ensure a flawless customer experience for the client. Certainly, strong collaboration and communication skills are critical for a successful DevOps pipeline. 

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There are several must-have skills to thrive as a DevOps engineer in 2021. These skills help you increase your job prospects and income potential. First, you need to understand Linux fundamentals and scripting to keep up with major trends of the industry. Next, you should learn pipeline automation tools to increase efficiency on your prospective DevOps team. In addition, infrastructure as code development is another core skill to accelerate deployment speed and reduce errors. Moreover, security is another essential skill to identify and fix bugs as soon as possible. Furthermore, many DevOps managers are seeking strong communicators and collaborators as they look to build their team. Acquire these must-have skills to thrive as a DevOps engineer in 2021.

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