5 Ways to Earn Money in Games

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Playing video games is a hobby that, in one way or another, is enjoyed by about 2.5 billion people around the world. Although many believe that this is zero-value and rather addictive entertainment, playing video games can bring good money, and there are different ways to get a decent income while playing your favourite video games. There are also online casinos like where you can earn too. But let’s check how to earn money in video games.

Stream or Make Game Videos

At first glance, streaming can provide a relatively stable income. You either show your gameplay and comment on what is happening or record and edit a video. Of course, just like in any business, there are a couple of pitfalls to be aware of. Streamers rarely have vacations since their absence can seriously hit the number of permanent viewers. Besides that, you have to stream according to a strict schedule and for many hours a day. 

YouTubers can either make Letplays — it will take the same amount of time as streaming — or make short videos. However, high-quality video editing takes a lot of time. But if you succeed in streaming, you can live like a superstar. For example, 29-year-old Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earns about 500 thousand dollars a month.

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Farm in Online Games

Those who are fond of the very process of gaming but do not have special skills can earn extra money with rather monotonous work. This category of people helps gamers who are ready to spend a lot of real money on the game to immediately have access to the top features. Although in the overwhelming majority of games such business is illegal, account boosting is still in great demand. 

If you are a skilful gamer, then you can make money on assisting others to climb to the top of the game rank, strengthen a character, complete some hardcore challenges, etc. The success of your business is highly dependent on your skill and the work you do. For example, you can earn up to several hundred euros for boosting your League of Legends account.

Create Content for Video Games

Developers have long understood that one of the most effective ways to support eternal games is to allow gamers to supplement them with new ideas and features. Of course, although fans are ready to do this for free, it is better to motivate the creation of high-quality content with a real fee, which they have already done in some large projects.

For example, in Minecraft and Roblox, the most popular construction games in history, players can apply to publish skins for characters, levels, mods, and more in the official store. Other players will be able to buy the selected content for real money, and the developers will transfer a significant part of the profit to the players. In Minecraft, in the first 2 months of the Marketplace existence, they paid a total of $2 million to players, while the Roblox creators receive several tens of millions of dollars annually.

Become a Cybersportsman

It is an increasingly popular option for young gamers. According to scientific studies, the brain’s reaction speed begins to slow down at about the age of 24. And until then, you can unleash your potential in some kind of esports discipline. MOBAs, shooters, simulations, collectible card games, strategies — there is a large choice. When in doubt if it’s worth it, you will surely be inspired by the example of Fortnite pro player Kyle Giersdorf. In 2019, a 16-year-old made $3 million.

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Develop Video Games

You have a chance to work on one of the games that millions of gamers will talk about. It is just a perfect job for those who love solving complex problems and experiencing a rush of endorphin from a long-term project. Just be ready that you will most likely not be able to work on the largest projects right away. You will have to start with either indie or mobile games. Earnings vary depending on many variables: position, experience, project size, country of development, and so on. Of course, you can become a superstar like Hideo Kojima or Markus Persson — the latter lives in a mansion and is provided for a lifetime thanks to the success of his Minecraft.

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