5 Western Dresses To Wear For Your Navratri [2022] Evening Party

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Wearing the perfect lehenga or saree for the Navratri day to ace how traditional you are is on one end, but having the top-tier western dresses to wear and slay during the evening when you are out with your cousins or friends, is another way of flexing. Some of us like classical outfits because we know how to carry it through the day, but some have gotten so used to the daily jeans and skirts, that it does bring in some amount of discomfort to wear something out of your comfort zone. We of course would not want discomfort to be a part of your part evening. Though not all outfits are meant to be for the evening of a festival, but we did scout some for you, to help you have an idea as to how you can build your Navratri dress for the perfect evening.

Get ready to be the most perfect dressed member out of the whole lot!

5 Western Navratri Dress Ideas [2022]

1. Spag Moment

Nothing can beat the spaghetti top, mainly when you air it with a contrasting color skinny bottoms. It’s perfect to get rid of the judgy looks by just carrying a simple jacket along with you, because let’s be honest it does kinda get a wee chilly at Navratri night.

2. Co-Ords

This is one of the most available Navratri dress to wear. Considering you have all the parts of it in place, you can have a bag of the same shade and pair it all with some high-block heels.

3. 90’s GenZ

The name sounds very weird but let’s be real, don’t we all think there were a group of ‘cool’ people during the 90’s too? So to stand out from the crowd a bit, you can go with this color segment which gives off a very classy and chique look.

4. D-Night

When it’s the night for you, missing out on anything seems to be irrational. You are supposed to enjoy your main character moment, and well, this outfit is here to help you have that. Black cannot go wrong, and pretty obviously wearing a very lacey outfit, with an oversized jacket is something to glare on with!

5. Euphoria

If Maddie were Indian, this is probably how she’d be dressed up like! Black is back in the fashion game again and this Navratri time it is not only black but also our very own, grey pants to go along with it. A Long scarf and similar colored bag would just up the game altogether.

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