6 Key Advantages of Using Automatic Boom Barriers

Boom barriers come in handy to help regulate and control human and vehicle traffic without manual intensive intervention from security personnel. It is the best way to ensure security and assistance to organisations that handle the heavy influx of visitors. Before we venture into understanding the key advantages of boom barriers, we need to first understand what they are. 

What are Automatic Boom Barriers?

An automatic boom barrier, or boom gate, is a pivoted pole or bar that allows the boom to block people or vehicles from accessing a controlled point. They help in managing and regulating the entry of unauthorised persons and vehicles in places such as;

  • Office buildings, parking lots
  • Hotels
  • Exhibition centres
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls 

6 Key Advantages of Using Automatic Boom Barriers

Automatic boom barriers are the best for their services because they have many advantages. Some of these advantages include the following;

Limited Access

The boom barriers can work well in conjunction with other technologies. These systems can help limit access to a greater capacity, allowing only authorised persons to get in or roam the grounds. For instance, RFID tags have the design to be recognised by any barrier system.

Only those with the right credentials can access buildings and sensitive information with limited access. For example, places like security firms can benefit greatly from these barriers because of the amount of confidential information they have in their facilities.

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Reduces Human Intervention

Boom barriers reduces human intervention to operate. Additionally, you can control them from anywhere using only buttons. Therefore, if you do not want to pay extra cash for someone to monitor your premises, you can install these boom barriers and still manage them by yourself. You can install the control buttons inside your home or use smart digital software like a retina scanner or fingerprint scanner to control them. This greatly reduces human intervention.


When investing in such security systems as a boom barrier, it is only proper that you get your value for money. With boom barriers, you do not have to worry because they are highly durable and will last you for years before they break or there is the need for a replacement. However, while they offer high durability, this equipment is also not too expensive to invest in.

You can decide to get yours in any material as they come in various materials and styles that can easily work with other authorised systems.

Enhances Security

Boom barriers can work perfectly with other access control systems like CCTVs. They are the best way to enhance security quality on your premises. Since they are automated, they can easily grant entry to authorised vehicles and individuals. Moreover, the barring mechanism of these barriers forces the vehicles to stop whenever they get to the gates.

Using this advantage, your team can do a security check on the spot. This is crucial if you notice that the person behind the wheel is exhibiting suspicious behaviour. Such cases may be rare, but having access control security barriers will help you and your staff rest easy knowing they have better protection with this system.

Controlling Traffic Flow

Most establishments or organisations dealing with the daily inflow and outflow of numerous vehicles need to install these boom barriers. Due to space limitations, there can be congestion and other forms of commotion on such premises. However, with boom barriers, managing such situations becomes easy and effective. They can help manage and control the traffic flow making it easy to manage the passengers and the vehicles without any commotion or confusion.

The boom barriers will help limit the number of vehicles allowed to enter or exit the premises. You can easily achieve this using only remote control and monitoring. However, the result will be amazing if you combine it with sensors and security cameras.

Requires Minimal Space

Boom barriers are not enormous; they only require a small space for installation. Once installed, they are highly effective for authorising all types of vehicles and people. These barriers are installed such that all types of vehicles, whether small or big, can pass through, making them a one-for-all solution to managing access. The best part is that these barriers can operate manually should there be any power failures. Even without power, you do not have to worry about overcrowding and unauthorised entries.

Automatic boom barriers are the next game changer when controlling traffic and authorised entry. No matter where you need yours installed and for whatever purpose you intend to use it, they will still give you the same services and benefits. However, before getting one, you must have a good budget, consider how you will operate the barrier, where you intend to install it, and how frequently you intend to use it. These guidelines will help you pick the perfect boom barriers for your needs.

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