6 Key Points About Mobile Technology And Their Daily Use

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Most people in the world own a mobile device, while a slightly smaller share of people also owns a computer or a laptop. It’s surprising how the use of Smartphones has been growing in the past decade in large countries like the US, but also Canada, South Africa, India, and China.

Mobile Technology As A Common Part Of Life

Since the use of mobile technologies started to occupy a relevant space in people’s everyday life, access to social media and other online sources also experienced a rapid increase. One of the most evident signs of that is the way more people can access gambling sites. Today, mobile gambling turns out to be not only a great entertainment solution but also a comfortable way to make extra money online, especially during the months of lockdown.

While mobile technologies began to gain the role of a true-life component, people around the world developed new habits and attitudes based on their daily (or almost daily) use of these technologies. There are significant reasons why mobile technologies have been conquering such a large and important role in people’s life. In this article, we want to outline the most relevant key points about mobile technologies and their day-to-day presence in millions of people’s life.

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Benefits And Challenges Emerging From Recent Study

We want to dedicate some space to this recent study about the impact of mobile technologies on people’s lives, how the users change their daily habits, and what they feel the new mobile technologies can add to their life both good and bad points.

  1. Many benefits related to the use of mobile phones
    For most people who own a mobile device, using this kind of tool turns out to help in many life and work situations. A significant aspect that comes out from the above-mentioned study is that a large number of the surveyed participants tell that using a mobile makes them feel free rather than tight down.
    Another positive aspect emerging from the daily use of mobiles is saving time. Many users think mobile technologies help saving time and energy for shopping, communication, networking operations, getting information, and learning.
  2. Daily and non-daily use of mobiles
    Not all the surveyed people agree on the frequency of use of their mobile devices. It comes out that African users in Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Lebanon think they can’t imagine a life without their mobile, but users in other countries like India, Venezuela, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico don’t use their mobile every day. Some of them say they don’t even bring it with them when they go out.
  3. Mobile phones increase the accessibility to social media
    Most people interviewed for the study say that mobiles help them stay connected with friends and relatives better than before. They seem to agree on a point: the use of mobiles for social relationships seems to be good from an individual perspective, but it’s highly dangerous from a social point of view because people tend to stay apart in their mobile world more often than starting real-world social relationships.
  4. The impact of mobiles on children
    The high share of people who express deep concern about children is up to 79%. Although the use of mobile phones seems to bring several advantages in their life, they are worried about the impact these new technologies and their diffusion can have on younger people, including kids and children. Adults agree on the bad effects of staying in front of a screen for kids of all ages. Kids are less likely to go out, spend time with co-aged friends in the real world. On the other hand, parents struggle to find a way to regulate their children’s online activity or control what their kids are doing online.
  5. Mobile technologies and the internet are good for getting information
    Getting daily information about what goes around in the world is important for every interviewed person. The mobile device users think the internet helps to get quick information, but a high share of them also think that there’s so much misinformation circulating online. It’s actually hard to know what news is true and what isn’t, which generates a lot of confusion and loss of trust in the information industry.
  6. Impact of mobiles on certain fields of life
    Most interviewed people think that the use of mobile devices allows the users to access a large array of educational tools, learning sites, financial investment platforms, e-commerce platforms, which generates the lively development of these industries online. The recent lockdowns in the past year contributed to making mobiles necessary to access online school homework, for example.

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In conclusion, a majority of the surveyed people think that mobile technologies are a positive addition to their life, although it’s important for everyone who owns a mobile and accesses the internet to learn how to stay away from scams, false information, and hazardous sites for children.

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