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6-year-old boy found dead in borewell after 40-hour rescue effort in MP

In a tragic incident, six-year-old Mayank Kol was found dead after falling into a borewell in Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh. Despite over 40 hours of rescue efforts by NDRF and SDRF teams, the boy could not be saved, as declared by doctors upon rescue.

Mayank fell into the deep borewell in a village in Teonthar tehsil, bordering Prayag and Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams put in all possible efforts to reach the boy stuck 40 feet deep.

This incident adds to the series of borewell tragedies witnessed in Madhya Pradesh over the past few years. Sadly, several children have lost their lives after falling into borewells in the state, with incidents becoming a regular occurrence.

The local authorities, including the Rewa district collector, SP, and MLA, along with the boy’s parents and villagers, watched helplessly as the rescue operation unfolded over two days. Despite their prayers and hopes, the outcome was a tragic loss of life in yet another borewell incident in the state.

The state has seen similar tragedies in recent years, with children like Vijay, Mahi, and Shristi becoming victims of borewell accidents. Despite the efforts of rescue teams, the tragic loss of young lives continues to haunt the state, highlighting the need for preventive measures and better safety protocols.


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