10 Best Alt Balaji Hot Web Series That Are Must-Watch This 2023

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When it comes to hot web series, no platforrm can compete with Alt Balaji. The OTT platform is dominating adult content in India. Let’s dive into some of the best Alt Balaji Hot Web Series this OTT platform has to offer- 

10 Top Alt Balaji Hot Web Series in 2023

1. Dev DD

Alt Balaji Hot Web Series

A web series that is inspired by the iconic Bollywood film “Devdas” but a more modernized version of the original plotline. The stars are Akhil Kapur, and Asheema Vardaan and are directed by Ken Ghosh. It tells a story of a girl who is not looking for a marriage and not is interested. The series focuses on how society perceives the girl, topics that are not openly discussed. It emphasizes feminism, sexism, and the status of women in the modern world. The series holds a rating of 6.5 on IMDb. Contains 11 episodes each with a duration of 20 minutes. 

2. Ragini MMS Returns

Sunny Leone Web Series Hot Alt Balaji

Another ALT Balaji hot web series is based on a hit film from the same production Ragini MMS Returns. The plotline is quite similar to the movie but with more thrilling and dark suspense. The episodes are filled with slow-paced curiosity and an elaborate horror theme featuring the real protagonist from the film- Ragini. The songs of the series are also very popular among the audience. Hello Ji,’ by Kanika Kapoor, went a blockbuster on the internet. The OG Ragini Sunny Leone also made an appearance in the music video. 

3. Crime and Confessions

Crime and Confessions alt Balaji hot web series

Recently the platform released a new series named Crimes and Confessions. The name itself simplifies it. The series is based on a psychological thriller that features people’s twisted and dark side. Lately, AltBalaji is making a name in the horror dark genre. Apart from that, the OTT platform has released Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu, and Married Woman to name a few. If you love crime then Cartel a show on the same platform might be favourable to your taste. 

4. X.X.X. Uncensored


You might have guessed the genre ALTBalaji likes to make. An erotic-themed dark series with few drops of fun. The show is currently in its 2nd season. The first season consists of 11 episodes while the second season is in a completely different context. The series features Shantanu Maheshwari, Flora Saini, Aadar Malik, Sanket Bhosale, Rithvik Dhanjani, and Ribbhu Mehra. Directed Pankhuri Rodrigues. 

5. Gandi Baat

Gandi Baat ALT Balaji Hot Web Series

An erotic anthology based on rural stories with its own twist. Till now the series has 4 seasons each containing 4-5 episodes. All 4 seasons have been directed by Sachin Mohite. Earlier the audience in India wasn’t ready for such content. When Ekta Kapoor came out with an OTT platform featuring sex and erotic fantasy it caused an uproar. Gandi Baat, it shines the topic that is still considered taboo in society. On Alt Balaji, it is one of the most popular and most watched series. 

6. Bekaaboo

Bekaboo web series alt Balaji hot

If you are looking for a good thriller featuring an obsessive vengeful female lead then this will be your new favourite. The plotline is based on the infamous novel of Chakraborty’s book ‘Black Suits You,’ The series takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions along with the thrill and chills surrounding an obsessive fan. The series holds an IMDb rating of 8.2 and features Rajeev Siddhartha, Priya Banerjee and Madhu Sneha. Just hop on to ALT Balaji to experience the vengeance of a jealous girl. 

7. Virgin Bhasskar

Ever thought about who goes inside the mind of adult book authors? Well, the ALT Balaji Hot Web Series “Virgin Bhasskar” is all about that. It features Anant Joshi and Rutpanna Aishwarya in the series. A quirky yet mindful series based on novelist Bhasskar who resides in Banaras. Due to his playful mind, he has made the holy grail of adult content. But he is a virgin and now wants to lose his virginity. 

8. The Married Woman

This a special relationship between two women where one is a dedicated housewife and focuses her life on her family responsibility while the other is free- a spirited independent girl. Both feel connected to each other but are reluctant to take this forward. 

9. Who’s your daddy?

Hot Web Series on Alt Balaji

The Alt Balaji hot web series stars Harsh Beniwal and Rahul Dev in the leading role. A comedy-drama about the adult films business that later leads to many comedic developments in their life. If you are looking for a stay side of Harsh Beniwal then surely you are at the correct spot. 

10. Baby Come Naa

Baby Come Naa

Shreyas Talpade has been cast in the lead role. It shows his bestie who aspires to be a rapper and is helping him handle his two affairs with women, Sarah and Sophie who both thinks are his wives. The whole system turns into a circus in order to manage the two affairs smoothly. 

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