13 Best Hot Spanish Movies to Watch in 2023

Today we gonna be diving into hot spanish movies. As we all know, when it comes to sex and nudity no one can match the level of Spanish movies. 

Best Hot Spanish movies

1. “Soltera codiciada” (How to Get Over a Breakup)

Cast:Gisela Ponce de León
Karina Jordán
Christopher Von Uckermann
Crew:Director: Bruno Ascenzo
Joanna Lombardi
Where to Watch:Netflix

Maria is sad after the breakup so decides to use all the negativity to write a blog on how to get over a breakup. A feel-good rom-com that will make you experience all kinds of emotions. 

2. “Nuestros amantes” (Our Lovers)

Cast:Eduardo Noriega
Michelle Jenner
Fele Martínez
Crew:Director: Miguel Ángel Lamata
Where to Watch:Netflix

A writer meets a book lover and soon the bond between them starts to go deep. Because of so much attraction, they both tend to hide their secret from one another leading to severe consequences. A budding romance that will keep you hooked to your TV screens.

3. Through My Window

Cast:Clara Galle
Julio Peña
Guillermo Lasheras
Crew:Director: Marçal Forés
Where to Watch:Netflix

The film is based on the novel of the same name. The movie is written by Eduard Sola and features Clara Galle as Raquel, Pilar Castro as Rosa María and Ju

4. The Sex of Angels

Hot Spanish Movies
Cast:Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
Álvaro Cervantes
Llorenç González
Crew:Director: Xavier Villaverde
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime video

Thhis one of the best hot Spanish movies is directed by Xavier Villaverde and shows a trio consisting of Álvaro Cervantes, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, and Llorenç González. It is filled with hot steamy sex scenes exploring bisexuality, open relationship, love triangle as well as torn relationships. If you are looking for a movie that shows passionate and unique love affairs between same-sex and opposite-sex then this will be your new favourite. 

5. Idiot Love

Sexy Hot Spanish Movies
Cast:Santi Millán
Mercè Pons
Marc Cartes
Crew:Director: Ventura Pons
Where to Watch:Netflix

Based on a famous novel by Lluis-Anton Baulenas and directed by Ventura Pons. It features Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Santi Millán. It tells a story about a man, a teacher in his late 30s decides to get drunk to forget his pain but accidentally bumps into a woman who is promoting her husband’s business. Soon he starts to get obsessed with her and starts a passionate relationship with her. 

6. El cónsul de Sodoma

Hottest Spanish Movies
Cast:Jordi Mollà
Bimba Bosé
Alex Brendemühl
Crew:Director: Sigfrid Monleón
Where to Watch:

Released in 2009 and was directed by Sigfrid Monleón. It stars Bimba Bosé and Jordi Mollà in the main lead. It is based on the life story of Jaime Gil de Biedma, one of the most famous poets from the 20th century. The movie consists of many orgy scenes along with passionate love-making scenes. If you are looking for a period drama with a great plotline along with sex and nudity then this won’t let you down. 

7. Mentiras y gordas

Erotic Spanish Movies
Cast:Mario Casas
Ana de Armas
Yon González
Crew:Director: Alfonso Albacete
David Menkes
Where to Watch:

If you are looking for a movie that consists of cool college students and their wild lifestyle filled with parties and sex then this will be your new favourite. It features famous actors including Ana de Armas, Mario Casas, Ana Polvorosa, Hugo Silva, and Yon Gonzalez. The movie shows a couple of young college-going students in their summer as they prepare themselves for the future with parties, drugs and lies. 

8. Room in Rome

Hot Spanish Movies
Cast:Elena Anaya
Natasha Yarovenko
Enrico Lo Verso
Crew:Director: Julio Medem
Where to Watch:

Another masterpiece by Julio Medemn featuring Enrico Lo Verso, Natasha Yarovenko, Elena Anaya and Najwa Nimri. It shows two beautiful women who meet each other while vacationing in Romer, soon they have a steam sexual relationship filled with passion and stories from their past. 

9. Diary of a Sex Addict

Diary of a Sex Addict
Cast:Michael Des Barres
Rosanna Arquette
Nastassja Kinski
Crew:Director: Joseph Brutsman
Where to Watch:Apple TV

Made by Christian Molina and released in 2008. The movie is based on a hit novel by sexologist Valérie Tasso. It features Belén Fabra as the main character Val who is on a track to explore her sexuality. The movie feature many full-frontal nude scenes. 

10. Sex and Lucía

Spanish Hot Actress
Cast:Paz Vega
Tristán Ulloa
Najwa Nimri
Crew:Director: Julio Medem
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

A good storyline with an amazing performance by the leading actors. It stars Najwa Nimri,  Tristán Ulloa, Javier Cámara, Daniel Freire. 

11. The Turkish Passion

The movie is based on the sexual fetish BDSM. It shows a married lady sad and depressed after losing her baby. In order to spice up her life she decides to be the sex slave to a Turkish tour guide played by Georges Corraface. The movie has wild disturbing sexual graphics so viewer discretion is advised. 

Cast:Ibrahim Celikkol
Birce Akalay
Muhammet Uzuner
Crew:Director: Yasin Uslu
Where to Watch:

12. The Ages of Lulu

Hot and Sexy Spanish Movies
Cast:Francesca Neri
Óscar Ladoire
María Barranco
Crew:Director: Bigas Luna
Where to Watch:

The movie is based on the homonymous novel by Almudena Grandes. It revolves around the sexual awakening of a guy in Madrid. With so much passion and sexual urges, he decides to experiment with dangerous things leading to severe consequences. 

13. La Gabbia

Hot Spanish Movies
Cast:Tony Musante
Laura Antonelli
Florinda Bolkan
Crew:Director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
Where to Watch:

The film shows a woman who became obsessed with a guy whom she can’t have. She holds to that obsession for more than 15 years. The cast of the movie includes Florinda Bolkan, Tony Musante and Laura Antonelli. The horror flick is directed by a renowned director Lucio Fulci

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