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7 Best Naveen Kasturia Web Series To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Indian performer Naveen Kasturia is well-known for his roles in both movies and web series. He was born in Uttar Pradesh, India, on January 26, 1985. In 2012, Kasturia made his acting debut in the TV show “Savitri.” Subsequently, he has acted in “TVF Pitchers” and “Aspirants,” two highly regarded web series. Moreover, Kasturia has appeared in several movies, such as “Sulemani Keeda” and “NH10.” He is renowned for his diverse acting abilities and has received appreciation for his appearances from viewers and critics worldwide. Here we are going to countdown 7 of the best Naveen Kasturia Web Series you can binge-watch this weekend-

7 Naveen Kasturia Web Series:

1. ‘TVF Pitchers’

An account of the struggles faced by four new professionals who left their regular occupations to launch their start-up business.

2. ‘Aspirants’

The odyssey of 3 UPSC public utility assessment candidates and their camaraderie against all difficulties is the subject of this narrative.

3. ‘Pati Patni Aur Panga’

Romanchak, a small-time sub-broker, desired his mundane, everyday existence to be “romanchak,” but he had no idea that courting Shivani Bhatnagar will indeed fundamentally alter his daily routine. The six-episode light entertainment “Pati Patni aur Panga” depicts what transpires when a straightforward search for an accommodation leads to a wedding, only for Romanchak to have found oneself in a precarious position when he learns a deception regarding his spouse, Shivani.

4. ‘Happily Ever After’

A Naveen Kasturia-starrer slice-of-life tale that conveys the key elements of a contemporary generational partnership and highlights the challenges that Roneet and Avani, a young couple, confront as they work to plan their ideal marriage ceremony.

5. ‘Thinkistan’

When they pursue aspiration and prominence, the existence of those who operate for marketing companies interweaves.

6. ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’

It’s him. The myth. The puzzle. Both during his existence and decades following his “tragedy,” he captivated us. The narrative of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as well as the enigma surrounding his claimed demise is the worst canopy in Indian history.

7. ‘Kota Factory’

The Naveen Kasturia-starter highly-appreciated web series centers on Vaibhav, a 16-year-old native of Itarsi who relocates to Kota. It depicts the university experience in the metropolis and Vaibhav’s attempts to pass the Joint Entrance Test in order to gain admission to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

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