7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP

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I am sure you are all aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be the most purposeful source of increasing traffic on any website. SEO considers and requires various components to be able to work on such aspects. Well, you must learn that the online market has several SEO tools available that are quite helpful. If you are associated with some WordPress site, there are higher chances of you requiring a number of SEO plugins that can allow proper implementation of the tasks. In this article, we will find out some of the best WordPress plugins that can be used to improve your SERP rankings. 

Best WordPress Plugins For Better SERP Ranking

1. Yoast SEO

Having more than five million active installations, Yeast SEO is considered one of the most popular WordPress Plugins. Even on Ahrefs blog, it is the primary SEO plugin that is used. This plugin generally assists with proper search optimization on your website. If you want your search engine results to display consistent snippets and improved branding, this plugin can be best used as it provides a title as well as meta description.  Ranking for the right choice of keywords with the right web pages can also be achieved as this plugin provides internal linking features along with cornerstone content. 

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2. All In One SEO Pack

One of the most feasibly usable and powerful WordPress plugins is the All In One SEO Pack. It is an exclusive plugin to be used by beginners and entails several advanced features along with an API for the ones who develop websites. Google Analytics and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are supported by this plugin as well. It has the authority to optimize various search engines and various web page titles for Google. It is extremely modifiable. Its ability to integrate, out of the box, to the official AMP WordPress plugin makes it supportable for AMP. 

3. Rank Math

Among all the best WordPress plugins that are to be used for better ranking in SERP, Rank Math is the most powerful. To be able to gain more traffic to websites and enhance SEO, this plugin provides the website owner to access the SEO tools required. This plugin is the kind that is packed with several features and is quite user-friendly. For making the installation process easier, there is even a setup wizard available with the best UI.  It is an extremely fast loading plugin. For visitors hitting dead pages, this plugin offers a 404 error monitor, then informs about the URLs and the number of times those pages have been hit.  

4. a3 Lazy Load

One such WordPress plugin, known as a3 Lazy Load assists in enabling the lazy-loading of images. The images won’t get loaded outside the visible space on the screen (known as the viewport) until they appear to be visible upon scrolling just by enabling this plugin. Thus, it helps in improving page speed that acts as a ranking factor. It mostly operates out of the box and is required to be installed and activated. For WebP images, too, this plugin provides automatic built-in support. You can even make changes to the settings to eliminate particular pages from lazy loading images. 

5. Easy Table Contents

Long pieces of content must be broken into logical sections with associated on-page anchors, as recommended by Google. This is one of the essential factors that must be considered. Secondly, your page must include a table of contents that are individually linked to the anchors. For making it more convenient to navigate, this plugin helps to add a table of contents to your posts and pages. Having this table can improve aspects such as bounce rate, time on page, dwell rate and leave a positive knock-on effect on SEO. It is extremely modifiable and increases your click-through rate by jumping links in SERP. 

6. Broken Link Checker

One of the best WordPress database plugins, the Broken Link Checker generally keeps track of every external and internal link present on your website. It is a very useful plugin that enhances user experience and SEO by fixing bad links. It can monitor broken links and alert you through email continually since the plugin consistently keeps running in the background. 

This plugin also helps you to keep a check on comments, web pages, and custom fields. It has such features that allow it to suggest replacement links. Without even having to dig into the post, you will be able to wipe out the dead links for functioning one in one click. 

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7. Shortpixel

It is among the top WordPress plugins that are extremely lightweight, convenient to use, and offers updated image compression. It allows images or PDF documents to be optimized on your website. This, in turn, will lead to boosting your SEO, improving sales, and gaining more visitors. This plugin is extremely easy to install and use. Images can automatically be rescaled, resized, and optimized in the background with the help of this plugin. It is compatible with any eCommerce plugin, gallery, or slider. 

Final Thoughts

There is not much difference in WordPress SEO from any other type of SEO. The existence of plugins makes your job much easier. These plugins have quite a positive impact on websites and can greatly improve them. Adding these above-mentioned SEO plugins to your WordPress blog will definitely enhance your website performance and increase its ranking in the search engines.  

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