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7 Great Tips To Sell Your Art Online

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Making original fine art is a piece of joy. Selling art online it is when the real challenge starts. Taking the help of art websites to sell art is easy, but it is not a money-spinning option. What are the alternatives available?

Selling art online is not a piece of cake. Instead of a wait-and-watch policy, follow these seven tips to tap the art buyers.

  1. Write Suitable Artwork Descriptions:
Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/3bg0fd2uIds  

The price of a commissioned art may be enormous. But, lack of suitable description on it may confuse the art buyer and set a negative tone.   

Mentioning the full description of the artwork while uploading it on an art website is important to convince the prospective buyer. A biography and artist statement on an art website adds to the artwork’s credentials.

The artwork narrative should be reader-friendly and free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It should also be SEO-optimized for search engines like Google. To achieve that, use the same keywords in the title and description, most artwork buyers use while searching for artwork online. Put art-related keywords in bold for better search. For example, “I used bold colours in all my paintings.” A small effort in writing artwork descriptions before sharing them online is a good persuasion skill.

  1. Make a blog for yourself:
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Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/FHnnjk1Yj7Y

Having an artist blog is one of the many things to connect to a wide set of art audiences and lovers. WordPress.com is good for newbies. It is free and a WordPress account is easy to make using various online templates available.

Foliotwist is a simple artist website. An artist has to pay the cost of website design and hosting. It also adds links to the artist’s social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook. Custom fonts and textures, video embedding, MailChimp Email Newsletters are some of the many features of this easy-to-use website.

  1. Devise an email newsletter :

Maintain periodic communication with art lovers and potential customers. A plain email will look unimpressive and may end up in a trash bin. Design nice and creative looking newsletters mentioning details of the artwork, price, and description, and then email to the existing database.

If you are putting a new artwork on your blog, a custom-made newsletter will enhance the impact of its marketing and promotion. You may schedule email subscriptions on weekends to share updates with art customers on upcoming artworks.

  1. Team up with fellow artists:
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It is good for artists to pool in their resources to get combined leverage. Based on artists’ synergy, the making of a group blog can benefit all members in selling their artwork displays. Engaging with an artist coach is a wise decision to obtain the mentoring benefit. It also helps the artists to achieve their fullest potential.

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The Internet is a smart way to increase traffic with new members joining the artists’ group. Plan it in a systematic way to build a favourable response. 

  1. Use the power of media to advertise:

The Internet may be an insufficient tool to tell and share about an artist’s work profile. It is important to utilize our forms of advertisement, such as print or electronic media, to spread awareness and get business. While printing business cards, art invitations, postcards, or a medium rectangle ad, include the website address for people to check and buy.    

Promote your website offline as well. It is also one of the surest ways to target your artwork to the audience that matters.

  1. Increase your social presence:
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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Keywords in blogs and websites help optimize SEO. Social networking is also imperative to rope in reasonable traffic. To network best and sell your art, put up a free account on Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. It will fetch you tremendous local exposure. Create groups on these social tools and add contacts. You can also create and post events from time to time in the form of art shows and issue invitations with RSVP built-in.

Post videos regularly on Facebook and Instagram. Upload an artwork-in-progress video on your website and a social portal to increase the viewers’ engagement. “Pin” your art to grab quick viewership from your friends and strangers. Re-pin it when someone likes your artwork. If you like to go select on only one social network for promotion, go ahead. It will be a nice way to maintain exclusivity to Selling art online.

  1. Allow time to show results:
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Selling art online is not an overnight task. It needs the benefit of time for artworks to sell. Avoid a sense of disappointment when things remain the same for weeks and months. Assess the situation as the quarter ends.

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Buying a piece of art is not an everyday commodity. Give yourself a waiting period of six months to track any changes in the sale pattern of artworks.


New social media sites pop up every month. With such an overwhelming choice at your disposal, learn to use each new social tool to the best of your advantage while selling artwork.

Boost your social interaction through online meets to find innovative ideas to sell your art. Any new artwork is great provided it is marketed well. A fine artist has to be a genius in promoting art too. 

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