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8 Best ways to Increase your Social Media Shares

After sharing your content on a social media platform, some important steps are needed to increase its social media shares.



8 Best ways to Increase your Social Media Shares

Marketing is a huge target for all companies, and social media shares are highly important in today’s world.

You can reach a large number of people by simply taking a straightforward and easy approach to social media and by boosting your number of social media shares to be able to modify your fortunes in the future.

It takes efforts to establish social media shares to one great level, however, that effort will pay off, big time.


Tips to Increase Your Social Media Shares

Tips to Increase Your Social Media Shares

If you have posted something on your social media account without using social media strategy, it doesn’t mean it’ll go viral. After sharing your content on a social media platform, some important steps are needed to increase its social media shares.

You should follow these 8 ways to get more people to share your content on social media.

1.  Try to build Exciting Headlines

Social media Shares

Up to 50% of the effectiveness of your blog post is determined by the headline. Any other marketing move you take would be a waste of time if you don’t make it clickable.

According to many reports, headlines that contain clear numbers and details produce 73 percent more social shares and interaction.

Giving people a decent chuckle will increase your possibilities of social sharing.


On social media, the headline is often the most popular component of any shared material. As a result, your followers and readers will first notice and judge your content based on the headline.

In the same way, those intriguing headlines entice people to read which encourages them to share your post.

2. Be Updated

Even if the material is interesting, the audience may not want to share “Old Information.” As a result, keep up with the latest trends by creating content around the most popular and/or most talked-about hashtags.


You may also try to tie your simple content to current events to make it stand out and encourage people to share it.

If a trend emerges on social media quickly and then fades away, keep using hashtags and checking to see if the hashtag is trending. You should be aware that hashtags are the lifeblood of sites like Instagram and Twitter since they connect the interactions of various users into a single stream.

3.Create social media sharing and follow buttons 

When writing blog posts, you have the option of using social media buttons. The location and style of those buttons would have a significant effect on the content’s ability to be shared.


The aim is to make social media networking as quick as possible for your guests. If it only takes one click for them to share your content, they are more likely to do so.

The social media buttons should be prominently displayed at the top or bottom of the content. This simple addition would result in a large increase in shares.

4. Be punctual

There is no hidden timing trick to get extra shares from users through social. For optimal exposure and shares, publishing content while your target audience is most involved makes sense. As a result, make sure your content is released when your fans or target audience are most interested or involved.


Keep your posting schedule consistent if possible use social media scheduling tools, so that your audience remembers and appreciates your punctuality.

5.The Post should be Mobile-friendly

Engagement would be low if the content isn’t ready for mobile viewing. People will click on a connection, arrive at a page that their phone can’t display properly, and then close the window.

Before sharing any form of content, make sure it’s optimized on another device, especially if it’s a landing page that you’re paying to promote.


Include captions in your videos so that anyone can see them, even though their phones are in silent mode.

Mobile records the highest traffic on social media. So, you should design your content and website according to your mobile audience.

6.Post more Visuals 

Visual content is undeniably one of the most commonly circulated.


Infographics have a much higher sharing potential than conventional posts because they are so easy to absorb at a glance and don’t need readers to read much.

If you play with visual content, you can almost certainly get more shares than if you only use text and links.

If you play with visual content, you’ll get more shares than if you only use text and links.


7.Give a good Reason to share

When you ask people to share your content, the majority of them will say no. The truth is that we are greedy and would not share only because someone has asked us politely. So why not give them a good reason to share, and they will listen and assist you?

We require motivation, which can be found in the form of a monetary reward. For example, they could get another entry into a contest you’re hosting or a 5% discount code for your next app sale for each social share they make.

8.Repurpose Existing Content in a fresh and Exclusive format

Do you have any material that your consumers have raved about or that has gone viral? By transforming it into a different format, you can get even more shares!


You can repurpose the photos from your previous blog post to create a unique image for your latest social media campaign. Long-form blog posts, for example, can be made into appealing images. A case study or a basic picture post can be created from a customer success story.

The possibilities are endless; all you have to do is pick a piece of content that does well and get imaginative with it. As a consequence, it should be clear that standard social media marketing is inadequate.

It won’t be enough to concentrate exclusively on making the content interesting and appealing. Instead, you must make an extra effort to encourage your fans to share your content as widely as possible.


There are approximately 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide; while not everyone would be interested in what you have to say, your niche is likely broad enough to allow for increased social sharing.

And, before you start doing something, take some time to learn about your target audience. When you know what they want and don’t like, you can give them exactly what they’ll appreciate and feel compelled to share with others.


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