12 Hot Adult Bengali Movies to Watch With Your Partner in 2023

Adult Bengali movies continue to be among the most forbidden and contentious in our culture. While traditional Bengali people adhere to their traditions, some bold individuals have ventured into discussions about sexuality, passion, and sexual orientation. These films may be difficult to watch, but they show the problems that a large portion of our population experiences on a daily basis.

12 Hot Adult Bengali Movies:

1. ‘Cosmic Sex’

The central theme of this one of the best adult bengali movies of all-time is the psychological enlightenment of a guy during intercourse. Kripa, the film’s main character, encounters Sadhvi, who instructs him in the Dehotatva technique. She informs him about the universal connection between sexual intimacy and achieving enlightenment.

2. ‘Bishh’

The lead character of the film, Rii Sen, plays another legendary part in which she strives to express her natural desire without being judged. Thanks to its clever and original plot, this film earned positive comments. Bishh is regarded by some as one of the greatest Bengali erotic films of our time.

3. ‘Nagarkirtan’

The film addresses forbidden subjects like same-sex relationships, sex reassignment procedure, and the prejudice genderqueer persons face in our culture. This Bengali adult film serves as a powerful wake-up call to the suffering of a sizable segment of Indian society that is generally disregarded.

4. ‘Chhip Suto Char’

Three old friends Suman, a failed documentary filmmaker, Joy, a wealthy and miserable gentleman, and Pratik, a pervert, are the center of the story.

5. ‘Parnomochi’

Parnomochi is an additional entry on the roster of hot Bengali films. The storyline of this film centres on a juvenile, adolescent boy who has a problematic sexual addiction.

6. ‘Rajkahini’

Rajkahini is the newest film to be added to the library of adult Bengali movies. With his excellent management and plot, Srijit Mukherjee exceeded his own expectations. The film’s central theme is the division of Bengal, seen through the perspective of prostitutes working in a motel.

7. ‘Chitrangada’

Chitrangada is the next mature Bengali film to be added to the collection. This masterwork by Rituparno Ghosh compares the existence of a guy who wants to be a lady to Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitrangada.

8. ‘Take One’

The hostility Paoli Dam experienced following her full-frontal toplessness performance in Chatrak is a rough inspiration for Take One. Doel Mitra, a performer in the movie, performs in a comedy movie with an unsimulated sex moment. But after the incident is smuggled into the Indian market, she is subject to harsh societal rebuke and embarrassment.

9. Chatrak


In this one of the best hot adult bengali movies, Sudeep Mukherjee, an engineer who works in Dubai, and his girlfriend Paoli Dam, who is eagerly awaiting his return, are the main characters of the movie. Upon Sudeep’s arrival, they learn that there are rumours that Sumeet, his estranged brother, lives in the forest and subsists on plants.

10. Arekti Preme r Golpo

Hot Adult Bengali Movies

The life of famed Jatra dancer Chopal Bhaduri is explored in this movie, which highlights same-sex love through showing alternate histories.

11. Taan

Best Hot Adult Bengali Movies

The story of the water prostitutes Jolbeshiya in the Sundarbans is the focus of the movie Taan. When a photographer goes missing, his buddy investigates and finds the secretive Jolbeshiya village, where she witnesses the suffering of the women who are forced into prostitution in order to survive.

12. Teen Yaari Kotha

Hot Adult Bengali Movies

The amorous experiences of Billoo, Shyamal, and Antu, three pals, are followed in the movie. Shyamal operates a car, Billoo sells newspapers, and Antu is unemployed. They all start dating different ladies, such as Dola, Sreeradha, and Mamoni.

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