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8 Orlando Hotels With Great Views of the Disney Fireworks!



Orlando Hotels With Great Views of the Disney Fireworks

When you go to Orlando, you might not be there to visit Disney World. You might be there to do any of the many other things that you can do in the city, including going to Universal Studios, shopping, visiting the attractions on International Drive, and so much more. However, whether you’re there for Walt Disney World or not, it’s unlikely you’ll say no if you get the chance to watch Disney’s fantastic fireworks displays from your hotel room for free. After all, who doesn’t like fireworks? The great news is that there are a number of excellent Orlando hotels that will give you this opportunity, and the following eight are some of the very best. 

1. Westgate Lakes 

With an onsite water park and a view of the fireworks, you can’t ask for more. 

The fact that Westgate Lakes is just a seven-minute drive from the Disney Parks (and only four minutes from Universal Studios) means that it is the ideal spot to watch the fireworks whenever you want to. Relax in your perfectly-appointed room with your own jetted tubs, mini-fridges, and flatscreen TVs, or sit around one of the seven onsite pools, and you can watch the fireworks for as long as you want to. This chain of Orlando hotels offers a lot more when it comes to comfort and customer satisfaction; as well as being able to watch the fireworks, you can also have fun in the onsite water park, Treasure Cove, spend time in the 41,000-gallon wave pool, workout in the fitness center, play a round of golf, and chill out in the lazy river. 


2. Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a stunning building with idyllic views. 

As you head into Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you’ll see this striking monument to modern design right ahead of you (and if you take the Monorail, you might even be driven right through it) – this is Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and it’s a fantastic place to watch the fireworks because you’re so close you won’t be able to miss them. Apart from its distinct architecture, you’ll find that Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a supremely comfortable place to stay, and it has some amazing views other than the fireworks. It also boasts some stunning swimming pools so that when you wander out of the park and back to your room, you can then take some time to cool off. If you want to do more relaxing, the Seven Seas Lagoon is nearby, and you can hire boats and go sailing, fishing, and more. 

3. TownePlace Suites Orlando at Flamingo Crossings

The Disney Planning Center is a particularly useful element. 


TownePlace Suites Orlando at Flamingo Crossings is under a mile from Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, meaning that if you choose to watch the fireworks from this hotel, you can certainly do so. It’s close enough that you won’t miss a single thing. This is one of the best Orlando hotels to stay in for all kinds of reasons, and the location is only the start. If you’ve never been to Orlando or the Disney parks before, this is a great choice because the staff are friendly and helpful and can ensure your entire stay is well organized and planned – that’s thanks to the Disney Planning Center. Plus, there is an outdoor pool and a large 24-hour fitness center to keep everyone occupied. You’ll also get a free hot breakfast, but if you prefer to cook your own meals, that’s fine too – every room has a microwave, stove, fridge, and dishwasher. For more formal dining, try the onsite Flamingo’s Bar and Grille

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4. Home2 Suites by Hilton Orlando 

Guests can use the on-site barbecue facilities for a fun family meal. 


Although slightly further away from Disney than some Orlando hotels, Home2 Suites by Hilton will still give you the perfect view of the Disney fireworks, and on top of that, it’s such a comfortable, well-appointed, great value for money place to stay that being a little further out isn’t such an issue. When we say further out, it’s not that far; Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where the biggest firework events take place, is just 3.1 miles away. As you can see, those fireworks are impressive and can be seen for miles. The Home2 Suites has a lot when it comes to amenities and facilities. There are barbecues for guests to use when they want to, as well as offering microwaves, coffee machines, fridges, and air conditioning in all rooms. Plus, you’ll get a flatscreen TV. Breakfast is served every morning, and you’ll have a choice of American or a la carte, so you can ensure you are fully fueled for the exciting day ahead, no matter what you might have planned. 

5. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge 

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has an American Great Northwest vibe, and it’s stunning. 

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge offers a fantastic view of the Disney fireworks, as might be expected, with it being a Disney hotel. The fact is that all the Disney hotels will allow you a great view of the spectacular fireworks, but not all Disney hotels are quite as delightful as the next, as they vary in quality. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is up there with the best of them due to its fun theme and the way it is built. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is inspired by the authentic log cabins of America’s Great Northwest, and the look is very similar to the lodges you’ll find in national parks. As well as having gorgeous rooms and cabins, you’ll find that the hotel itself is set in a true natural paradise, and there are a number of different trails you can enjoy. There are even wooden rocking chairs set out in various places, so you can settle down in the sunshine next to a creek and relax in complete seclusion. That’s quite unheard of for Orlando hotels that are normally busy places. 


6. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Relax in the spa or around the amazing pool in Victorian elegance. 

Disney’s Grand Floridian is an iconic building among the many Orlando hotels that you can stay in. It rises up majestically at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, and it is pure lavish luxury inside and out. If you’re a fan of Victorian elegance, this is certainly the right choice, and you’ll definitely be able to see the magical fireworks from this hotel. After all, there is a short walkway that will take you directly to the Magic Kingdom, so you can’t get much closer. The food at the Grand Floridian is something to be savored, and there are a number of different dining options for you, including the Grand Florian Café for a light lunch, Narcoossee’s for dinner, and the Enchanted Rose for cocktails at the end of the day. If you thought that was enough, you forgot something; the pool. With a splash slide and a beach theme, everyone will love it. 

7. Four Seasons Resort Orlando 

Meet your favorite Disney characters at breakfast every Saturday. 


Located within the Walt Disney World Resort itself, it’s clear that the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is one of the best Orlando hotels to watch the fireworks from. The views and location are magnificent, but there is a lot more besides this, and depending on how you want to spend your vacation, it could be that the Four Seasons gives you everything you could possibly want. Take golf, for example. The Tranquilo Golf Course is onsite, so you can tee off whenever you want to. Plus, you’ll also find Explorer Island, which is ideal for kids who love the water. Get a relaxing massage in the spa and eat dinner at Capa, the onsite steakhouse, which offers great views of the 26-acre lake and grounds. 

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8. Hilton Grand Vacations 

The Hilton Grand Vacations is close to everything you want to see. 


The Hilton Grand Vacations is an award-winning hotel with a great view of the Disney fireworks. It’s not only close to the Disney parks, but you’ll find you’re ideally located for SeaWorld, Universal, Aquatica, and much more, including an astonishing 94 golf courses. If you hadn’t realized that Orlando is prime golfing land, you’d soon find out. The hotel boasts a fantastic fitness center for all guests to use at any time, and you can choose to stay in either studios or one- or two-bedroom suites, so there will be enough space for the whole family, no matter how large the group might be. In the suites, you’ll have living and dining areas as well as a fully equipped kitchen, including laundry equipment. Outside there are three pools and even a waterfall where you can cool off before ordering a drink and snacks from the poolside bar. 


Maximizing Recruitment Efficiency: Leveraging Behavioral Assessments for Informed Decision Making



Maximizing Recruitment Efficiency: Leveraging Behavioral Assessments for Informed Decision Making

Most recruiters employ behavioral evaluations to screen out undesirable prospects. In reality, most psychometric instruments are classified as screening tools. But what exactly do all of these psychometric tools, which require numerous human hours of research, resources, time, and money to construct, accomplish?

It isn’t rocket-science to look at a set of scores and send out courteous rejection letters to unsuitable prospects. However, recruiters can use psychometric evaluations for more than that, offering them a competitive advantage in terms of HR best practices. Insightful and well-presented reports, with perceptive interpretation, can do more than simply screen out applicants.

For starters, psychometric tests can be used to characterize individuals throughout the selection process as well as for screening. Understanding which traits are most appropriate, adaptable, and flexible for a job function can assist recruiters in selecting candidates based on their behavioral and psychological capabilities (with the help of interviews and other approaches, of course). So, to all recruiters: Do not ‘archive’ those behavioral assessment reports after the ‘Assessment Round’. The reports’ insights can be used to make employment judgments even in the last stages of selection. Here’s how.


Test results might be used to direct interviews. Interviewers might use test interpretation to create follow-up questions that help them better comprehend the candidate’s behavioral competencies. Candidates could be asked to explain scenarios in which they demonstrated a specific quality (such as inventiveness or adaptability), which would confirm the test results. When interviews are guided by test results, important insights into the consistency of the candidate’s responses, self-awareness, tendency to give socially desirable answers, and behavior in the context of the organization can be gained. 

Good behavioral evaluations include crucial behavior samples that best represent a trait in its essence. Assessment reports can assist uncover key behaviors connected with the behavioral trait and help recruiters understand how they relate to the job function, increasing the predictability of conduct, which is one of the distinguishing qualities of psychometric examinations.

Companies looking to improve their hiring procedures might consider employing a behavioral assessment to evaluate candidates and ensure they are a suitable fit for the position and the firm. These pre-employment exams are accessible in a variety of formats to assist reduce employee turnover, objectively evaluate candidates, and guarantee that hiring managers choose highly qualified candidates for open positions. Understanding how to use behavioral evaluations can help firms locate the best applicants and make educated hiring decisions. 


In this post, we define behavioral evaluations, demonstrate how organizations can use them in the hiring process, and other such aptitude tests for placement identify some benefits of employing these surveys.

Types of Behavior Assessments 

There are various forms of behavioral tests that recruiters might use in their hiring process. Some assessments take less than 10 minutes to complete, although more detailed behavior tests may take longer. 

A behavioral assessment can include: 


Multiple-choice questions allow applicants to select what they believe to be the best appropriate answer. 

Rating scale questions that allow applicants to select a number that best expresses their response 

Adjective checklists ask candidates to choose adjectives that represent expected actions or how they see themselves. 


Open-ended questions allow candidates to write concise answers. 

One-way video interviews in which candidates record responses to video questions.

What does a behavioral assessment show?

Behavioral tests often reveal a candidate’s major personality traits, strengths, and skills, which hiring managers use to determine whether they are suitable for a position on the professional team.


Numerous firms utilize the “OCEAN” personality model to recognize whether a professional is congruous with the organization’s culture. It utilizes a sliding scale or range to evaluate the degree to which an person exhibits each of these personality traits:

Openness shows a person’s eagerness to investigate modern things.

Honesty alludes to a person’s need to be cautious and intensive.


Extroversion assesses a person’s vitality, outgoingness, and certainty.

Agreeableness depicts how an individual interacts with others.

Neuroticism shows how likely somebody is to encounter negative feelings.


5 Points of interest of Utilizing Behavioral Assessment in Recruiting

Here are six focal points of employing a behavioral assessment in your work prepare:

1. Streamlined hiring process

Job advertisements may draw in handfuls, hundreds, or indeed thousands of candidates. To spare time and exertion, a contracting group may ask that candidates total a behavioral assessment to decide whether they are a great fit for the organization. Utilizing these overviews can offer assistance businesses streamline their application processes by swiftly distinguishing the best candidates based on their identities, learning styles, and habits.

2. Hire based on merit.

Using a behavioral assessment can help to reduce unconscious or implicit prejudice in the recruiting process. The test evaluates candidates only on their abilities, habits, and qualities. This means that these surveys may enhance the possibility that a recruiting team chooses a candidate based on how well they fit into a role and team, rather than on personal opinion or preference.


3. Making Data-Driven Decisions

Psychologists, data scientists, and other experts frequently collaborate to produce behavioral assessments by collecting and analyzing vast volumes of psychological data. Using a recognized behavioral assessment test or firm ensures that your prospects’ results are psychologically correct. They can also use data to identify the personality traits and habits that a good applicant may exhibit.

4. Increasing return on investment (ROI).

Companies might devote a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to regularly acquiring new staff. A behavioral evaluation allows you to select job prospects who are most likely to be a good fit for both the position and the organization. New hires who are qualified for their positions may be more likely to stay with a company for the long run.

5. Giving candidates a preview of the job.

Behavioral exams analyze applicants’ skills required to execute the job successfully. Depending on the sort of exam used, the behavioral assessment may include an immersive job simulation. This provides candidates a better idea of how satisfied they will be with the job, which reduces employee turnover and improves the company’s ROI.


However, the behavioral evaluation may examine the individual and indicate that they would perform well in the role. Hiring non-traditional applicants and using a behavioral assessment with the help of Mercer | Mettl can help improve the diversity of the company’s personnel, teams, and departments. 

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How to Calculate Brokerage Charges Using a Brokerage Calculator



How to Calculate Brokerage Charges Using a Brokerage Calculator

The Indian stock market has grown significantly in recent years. More people are making investments than ever before. They now understand that investing in the stock market is an effective way to generate wealth. However, there are many charges associated with trading in addition to the asset price. The brokerage fee paid to the broker is the most significant one. It is the fee levied by a broker for offering the trading services. The amount of charges may vary based on the size of the transaction. As a result, several investors employ a brokerage calculator. Let’s learn about it in detail through this article.

What is a Brokerage Calculator?

A Brokerage calculator is an online to calculate brokerage fees involved in a transaction. Brokers and other financial services platforms provide it to traders so they can easily calculate brokerage fees before making a trade. Brokerage calculators can help you find out all the costs involved in a particular trade. It calculates transaction fees, GST, SEBI turnover fees, stamp duty costs, and securities transaction tax (STT).

Therefore, figuring out the cost of a transaction becomes easier with the help of a brokerage charges calculator. To calculate the brokerage fee, a person needs to enter the following information in a brokerage calculator:

  • Purchase price of a security
  • The sale price of a security
  • Quantity of the security traded
  • Size of lot in case of options trading

A Brokerage calculator provides the results instantly and accurately, making trading more faster and efficient. It is very useful for intraday traders who need to execute their trades quickly at the right time. 

How to Use a Brokerage Calculator

Investors can conveniently determine their overall trading expenses using a brokerage calculator. Here are the steps to use it. 

Step 1: Select a brokerage calculator

Choose a reliable brokerage calculator that suits your needs. Numerous online platforms offer these calculators. Many brokerage houses also offer their calculators on their online trading portals.


Step 2: Enter the transaction details

Enter all the relevant details of the trade order you are looking to place. This comprises the type of security, the number of shares you want to purchase or sell, and the asset price.

Step 3: Mention the brokerage plan


Mention the brokerage plan you are trading with. This covers the brokerage fees that are relevant to your transaction.

Step 4: Include other expenses

Specify any other charges applicable on a trade. These include taxes, Demat account fees, and transaction fees.


Step 5: Determine the Total Expense

Now, click on ‘Calculate’ to find out the total cost of a trade, including all applicable taxes and fees.

Step 6: Examine the Prices


Examine how much it costs to execute the same deal with various brokers. This might assist you in choosing the broker with the most affordable trading fees.

Benefits of a Brokerage Calculator

The following are some advantages of a brokerage calculator.

  • Calculates estimated trading costs: A brokerage calculator allows you to calculate the amount of brokerage fees along with additional expenses of a trade. These include stamp duty, STT, etc. This helps in trading the right assets based on one’s needs.
  • Helps analyse different trading approaches: To ascertain which trading strategy is suitable for you, you may use a calculator to assess the expenses of various trading strategies. Some common ones are intraday, delivery, options, futures, etc.
  • Keeps track of costs: Brokerage calculators help you save information on transactions and monitor subsequent brokerage and other charges. This allows you to keep an eye on overall trading costs.
  • Compares charges of brokers: You may evaluate the charges levied by various brokers by using a brokerage calculator. This aids in selecting the broker offering investment services at competitive rates.

Hence, using a brokerage calculator offers several advantages. It is always advisable for investors should look for a good calculator while trading in the stock market.


A brokerage calculator is a useful tool for calculating brokerage fees, transaction costs, taxes, and additional expenses. It assists traders in making well-informed choices. To choose the best calculator for your purposes, it’s vital to take into account some key factors. These include customisation options, accuracy, and convenience of use. Investors may select a calculator that offers accurate and dependable results. Reputed firms like BlinkX also offer a very good brokerage calculator on their share market app. It is a good option if you’re searching for a trustworthy and precise calculator. You may access a robust and intuitive tool that can precisely calculate the brokerage fees for various types of securities. 

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8-Step Checklist for Optimizing Your Content With SEO



8-Step Checklist for Optimizing Your Content With SEO

For organic website traffic, search engine optimization is essential, but producing content that ranks higher calls for more than simply keyword stuffing. Eight crucial stages are provided in this checklist to help digital marketers attract readers and optimize content for search engines. Through content marketing and professional help, you may improve search rankings, traffic, leads, and sales in a very short period. 

  1. Conduct an SEO Audit of Existing Content

To optimize content for search engines, an SEO audit is necessary. It entails checking alt image properties, optimizing meta descriptions, internal linking, repairing broken links, enhancing page load speed, and assessing user experience in addition to examining page titles and meta descriptions. The objective is to guarantee that the target keyword comes about with a 1-2% density in the headers, text, title, and URL. Consistent changes to alt image properties provide consumers and search engines context.

  1. Identify Keyword Opportunities

Find relevant keyword opportunities and examine the rankings of your top rivals. Use Ahrefs or SEMrush to find keywords that are generating a lot of traffic. Prioritize terms that receive at least 1,000 searches per month and have a high commercial purpose. Organize keywords according to topics to form content clusters. Naturally include keywords in page names, body text, meta descriptions, and section headings. In the first 100 words, use two to four times, separated by a space. 36.3% of SEO experts say they allocate most of their time to keyword research. To improve your SEO content optimization, update your material frequently and track results using applications like Google Analytics.

  1. Optimize Page Titles for Keyword Intent

Pay attention to the title tag to rank highly for the desired keyword. Make a catchy title that is under 70 characters, contains the intended term, and encourages clicks. Only use keywords that are related to your content, utilize semantic versions like “content optimization ” or “search engine ranking,” and incorporate your keyword inside the first two to three phrases. To make your title more readable and clickable, use title case, where the majority of the words are capitalized, to keep it scannable. One of the most crucial elements affecting on-page ranking is an optimized title. 

  1. Include Target Keywords in Headers and Sub-headers

To indicate the subject of your content and improve its search engine ranking, use target keywords and key phrases in your headers and sub-headers. You might utilize the target term “SEO content editing,” for instance, in a headline that reads, “The Importance of SEO Content Editing for Digital Marketers.” Use synonyms, comparable phrases, or semantic keywords in your sub-headers. Instead of over-optimizing your content by repeating keywords too often, try to incorporate target terms and related phrases naturally. Moreover, for your business success in digital marketing, it is advisable to take advice from the best local SEO agency working in town. After all, professional guidance is a must-have to succeed in this competitive market.    

5. Optimize Image File Names and Alt Text

Use alt text including your target keyword and descriptive file names to improve image SEO. Make sure your keyword appears in file names and doesn’t exceed 75 characters. Search engines scan the alt text, which is the description that shows up if an image cannot load. These adjustments enhance accessibility for individuals with visual impairments, help search engines recognize the images you provide, and raise the ranking of your website.

6. Improve Internal Linking for Better Crawlability

To improve content crawl ability and search engine ranking, make internal post linking stronger. Provide links to relevant information on your website, such as in-depth discussions of terms or concepts elsewhere. Most search engine optimizers spend at least 10% of their budget on link building. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website fully and identify links within your content. Select links that are pertinent to the context and improve the reading experience for the reader by directing them to pages that answer questions or offer similar content. Both SEO and user experience are enhanced by this.


7. Check for Broken Links and Redirects

It is essential to check content for broken links or incorrect redirection to enhance both user experience and SEO. Redirects can squander resources and degrade search rankings, while broken links can irritate users and harm their online standing. Link checkers can be used to find broken links and fix them. Use 301 redirects for changed URLs effectively, as they provide the new page with a substantial amount of link equity.

8. Analyze Readability and Improve Content Structure

Use free internet tools to assess readability and streamline sentence construction and language to improve the structure of your content. To improve accessibility, use double spacing, bulleted lists, and headers. Employ anchor text including target keywords and internal links to point to further relevant information. Utilize transition words to link topics in your outline by starting with ideas and themes that are specific to the discussion. Add media and graphics to improve user experience and increase the share ability and engagement of content.

Final Thoughts

The method of optimizing content for search engine optimization and higher ranks is described in this eight-step checklist. You can make your blog posts and articles into effective tools for connecting with your target audience by adopting an SEO approach. Optimizing your content will become second nature with constant practice, learning new SEO techniques, and keeping up with algorithm updates. This will result in increased traffic, brand visibility, and new clients.

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