9 Best Ana De Armas HD Wallpapers To Download

Ana de Armas has become an internet sensation with her strong acting skills along with her beautiful eyes and chiseled facial features. The Spanish-Cuban actress first came into the limelight with her movies such as  ‘Hands of Stone and ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ Her move from the Spanish film industry to Hollywood wasn’t an easy choice. She doesn’t know how to speak the language. But she overcome all the challenges and learned to speak the language along with massive acting skills that showed she is a deserving candidate. Now she has a regular face on the silver screen, working with big production too. Here is a collection of 9 best Ana de Armas HD Wallpapers that diehard fans must set on their phone screens.

Best Ana De Armas HD Wallpapers To Download

Ana De Armas Wallpaper

In Hollywood, her career span is quite short but in that short amount of time, she has done major films with an A-list cast including James Bond and The Gray Man. She is all set to portray Marilyn Monroe in her next flick.

Ana De Armas HD Wallpaper

Ana de Armas originally called Ana Celia de Armas Caso was born in Santa Cruz on April 30, 1988. She has one brother and grew up in Havana, Cuba. Her mother was Spanish. 

Ana De Armas Best Wallpaper

At merely the age of 12, she decided all she wants to do is act in movies, in order to learn the skills professionally, she attended the ‘National Theater School of Cuba.’

Ana De Armas Hot

She made her acting debut in the Spanish film ‘Una rosa de Francia’ (Virgin Rose). A crime drama playing the role of Marie.

Ana De Armas Sexy Wallpaper

By the age of 18, she moved to Spain in hopes to get more acting gigs in the movie. She made her television debut in  2007 TV movie ‘El edén perdido.’

Ana De Armas Blonde

At the same time, she got the opportunity for a reading role as Carolina Leal in the Antena 3 drama-thriller ‘El Internado’ (‘The Boarding School’). 

Ana De Armas Wallpaper

Her work in the Spanish film industry includes Mentiras y gordas’ (2009), ‘Faraday’ (2013) and ‘Por un puñado de besos’ (2014). 

Ana De Armas EYe Color

Besides that, she was a cast member in the period TV series Hispania, la Leyenda (2010–2012) and ‘Blind Alley’ (2011).

Ana De Armas nude

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