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5 Interesting Linear Regression Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners in 2021

Linear regression is a well-liked topic in machine learning. It’s a supervised learning algorithm and finds purposes in lots of sectors. Should you’re studying about this topic and wish to check your abilities, then you must check out a couple of linear regression projects. In this article, we’re discussing the same. 

We now have linear regression project ideas for various ability ranges and domains so as to select one based on your experience and pursuits. Furthermore, you possibly can modify the problem degree of any project we’ve talked about right here by increasing (or decreasing) the data values you add in your data set. 

What’s a Linear Regression?

Linear Regression is a supervised learning algorithm in machine learning. It models a prediction worth based on unbiased variables and helps to find the connection between these variables and the forecast. Regression models depend upon the connection between the independent and dependent variables in addition to the variety of variables they use. 

Linear regression predicts the dependent value (y) according to the independent variable (x). The output right here is the dependent value, and the input is the independent value. The speculation perform for linear regression is the following:

Y = 1+2x

The linear regression model finds the most effective line, which predicts the value of y based on the supplied value of x. To get the most effective line, it finds probably the most appropriate values for 1 and 2. 1 is the intercept, and 2 is the coefficient of x. After we discover the most effective values for 1 and 2, we discover the most effective line to your linear regression as well.

Now that we’ve discussed the basic concepts of linear regression, we will transfer into our linear regression project ideas. 

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Our Top Linear Regression Project Ideas

Idea 1: Budget a Lengthy Drive

Suppose you wish to go on an extended drive (from Delhi to Lonawala). Earlier than occurring a trip this long, it’s greatest to arrange a finances and work out how a lot you need to spend on a particular section. You should utilize a linear regression model right here to find out the price of gas you’ll should get. 

On this linear regression, the whole amount of cash you’d should pay can be the dependent variable, which implies it will be the output of our model. The space between the locations can be the independent variable. To maintain the model simple, we will assume that the price of fuel would stay fixed through the trip. 

You may select any two locations for this project. It’s an ideal project thought for beginners as a result of it means that you can experiment and perceive the concept clearly. Plus, you should use the model everytime you plan a long drive too!

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Idea 2: Examine Unemployment Rates with Positive factors in Stock Market 

Should you’re an economics enthusiast, or if you wish to use your knowledge of Machine Learning on this field, then this is without doubt one of the best linear regression project ideas for you. Everyone knows how unemployment is a major downside for our nation. On this project, we’d discover the relation between the unemployment rates and the gains taking place within the stock market. 

You should utilize official data from the federal government to get the unemployment rates and use it to find out if there’s a relationship between it and the features within the stock market. 

Idea 3: Examine Salaries of Batsmen with The Common Runs They Rating per Recreation

Cricket is well the preferred sport in India. You should utilize your knowledge of machine learning on this easy but thrilling project where you’ll plot the connection between the salaries of batsmen and the typical runs they score in each game. Our cricketers are amongst a number of the highest-earning athletes in the world. Engaged on this project would enable you learn how a lot their batting averages are accountable for their earnings. 

Should you’re a beginner, you can begin with one team and verify the salaries of its batsmen. However, if you wish to take it a step additional, you possibly can take into account a number of groups (Australia, England, South Africa, and so forth.) and verify the salaries of their batsmen too. 

Idea 4: Examine the Dates in a Month with the Monthly Salary  

This venture explores the applying of machine learning in human sources and management. It’s among the many beginner-level linear regression projects, so should you haven’t worked on such a project earlier than, then you can begin with this one. Right here, you’ll take the dates present in a month and evaluate it with the monthly salary.

After you’ve established the connection between the 2 variables, you possibly can discover if the current wage is perfect or not. You may select any career and discover its common wage to pick as the independent variable. You can also make this project tougher by discussing many different jobs aside from the original one. 

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Idea 5: Examine Common International Temperatures and Ranges of Air pollution 

Air pollution and its affect on the surroundings is a outstanding subject of debate. The latest pandemic has additionally proven us how we will nonetheless save the environment. You should utilize your machine learning abilities on this subject too. This project would enable you in understanding how machine learning can clear up the assorted issues current on this domain as well.

Right here, you’d take the typical world temperatures in a number of years and evaluate them with the extent of air pollution that occurred in that period. Making a linear regression model on this subject is straightforward and wouldn’t take a lot of effort. Nevertheless, it’ll certainly enable you in attempting out your machine learning abilities.


We’ve reached the end of our project list. We hope you discovered these linear regression project ideas useful. If in case you have any questions regarding linear regression or these project ideas, be at liberty to ask us. 

However, if you wish to be taught extra about linear regression, then we suggest heading to our blog, where you’d discover many valuable resources, guides, and articles on this topic. For starters, right here’s our guide on linear regression in machine learning. 

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