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9 Interesting Spring Projects Ideas & Topics For Beginners in 2021

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The Spring Framework affords glorious options to level up your Java code and construct fast, responsive, and safe web applications. And inside this framework lie Spring tasks that make enterprise purposes better by addressing a variety of points, from configuration to big data. They assist developers polish their coding abilities and be extra productive with their time. 

Ever since its first iteration launched in 2002, Spring has grown tremendously to change into one of the crucial used Java frameworks across the world. This reputation enhance has been made potential by its strengths as a sensible application container and an intuitive administrator of structure issues. 

If you’re nonetheless a newbie, utilizing the Spring framework could be difficult. However you may refine your understanding by studying the source code of real-world tasks. So, listed below are some open-source Spring project ideas to construction and simplify your studying journey.

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Top Spring Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners

1. PowerStone

It is likely one of the hottest open-source Spring Projects primarily based on Spring and Hibernate. PowerStone is principally a Java Workflow Administration System, and studying its source code can acquaint you with the inside workings of the Spring framework. The system is complete with an engine, a flow administration console, a worklist, and an id administration module. 

2. Project Sagan 

The Sagan software powers the Spring.io website and boasts of thousands of day by day customers globally. For those who undergo the repository, which is freely out there on GitHub, you can familiarize yourself with the Spring framework ecosystem. The Spring.io website additionally has a dwell demo on it. Moreover, this venture can nudge you to attempt your hand at Gradle, Elasticsearch, thyme leaf User Interface, and many others. 

3. Agile Express

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This venture will allow you to brush up your knowledge of Spring framework elements and develop a clean code. 

Software program development typically requires the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams. And Agile methodologies present a conducive atmosphere for that. Express, an Agile venture management tool, focuses on iteration monitoring and backlog support. 

The iteration burndown chart exhibits the progress of every iteration, and a digital wall shows the story duties as they transfer by means of different stages (open, in process, test, completed). As for the server-side component, it has Spring-based Java EE software, which provides the much-needed scalability and reliability. 

4. Spring PetClinic

PetClinic is a sample application that demonstrates the usage of Spring Boot with MVC and Spring Data. If we return to its origins, we discover that it was created for the only function of presenting what all you are able to do with Spring. So, cloning this Spring project can set you up for constructing simple database-oriented applications. 

5. Broadleaf Commerce

This Spring-based Java platform can educate you concerning the modern structure of e-commerce solutions. The wide selection of options and technologies in Broadleaf Commerce pave the trail for deep customization and speedy development of applications. A few of them embrace Spring Framework, Modular Design, Job Scheduling, Electronic mail, Workflow Configuration, Configuration Merging, Admin Platform, Content material Administration, and many others. 

6. Plazma

With this venture, you can decide up extra information on built-in options for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Administration (CRM). Plazma’s code is written in Java primarily based on the Spring framework, apprising you of its complete programming. The application may even instruct you about Hibernate utilizing Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, and HSQL databases. 

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7. Tudu Lists

It’s an easy venture administration device that can be simply accessed, edited, and shared online. The Tudu Lists application makes the method of organizing duties and managing to-do lists much less cumbersome. Due to this fact, it’s among the many top sample Spring projects. 

8. OpenERP

As the name suggests, OpenERP is an enterprise management software program that gives a range of various IT tools to organizations. This venture can help you in maintaining with trendy technologies, comparable to Spring, Hibernate, JSF, AJAX, Axis, Acegi, and Maven.

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9. Springside

Springside is an effective venture possibility if you wish to observe enterprise applications. It makes use of Spring, Hibernate, CXF, Struts, Jquery, Spring Security, and extra. So, attempt your hand at this Pragmatic Enterprise Utility KickStart to know enterprise-wide options.


The above Spring project concepts can show immensely useful for coders and software program developers. So, use these references as your studying resources and play with them to enhance your technical abilities.

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