9 Social Distancing Rules and Guidelines for COVID-19

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The current pandemic situation has introduced the world to new terminologies. Understanding these terms is important if you want to stay safe. Nowadays, you must have heard “Social Distancing Rules” everywhere across electronic and print media.

Do you know what it means to be socially distant?

Social Distancing

Experiments and studies have proved that Coronavirus is a viral disease. It can spread from the infected person’s contact. If an individual is COVID-19 positive and you get in direct contact with him, then the chances of vulnerability are increased. You are most likely to get infected with the same disease if you do not adopt proper safety measures.

Social distancing and physical distancing both terms are used interchangeably. It means to maintain a specific distance from other people. The basic purpose is to stop the disease from spreading. 

Doctors have suggested this strategy to lessen the number of positive cases across the globe. Auspiciously, the world has witnessed the positive impact of social distancing rules. That’s the reason why it is being implemented everywhere. 

1. What’s the Ideal Distance to Prevent Coronavirus?

Coronavirus makes its way to people through tiny droplets, which you might not be able to see with a naked eye. Generally, this fatal disease spreads when these droplets come into existence as a result of cough and sneeze. These can also be found on the infected surface. 

According to results driven from several experiments, droplets can travel a long distance. That’s the reason why health experts have recommended social distancing. 

The World Health Organization and other medical facilities keep issuing the latest updates to avoid the danger of the current pandemic. The ideal physical distance that a person should maintain to prevent Coronavirus is 6 feet or 1.8 meters.

Maintaining a considerable physical distance keeps you and others safe. The main aim is to minimize face-to-face contact. Here are the top rules and regulations recommended by medical professionals:

2. Avoid Crowded Places

Although it could be hard to stay alone, yet you have to practice physical distance to ensure the perfect safety standards. Try to avoid public places as much as possible. You never know who in the public has got the infection. Sometimes symptoms of coughing and sneezing are not visible. The only thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to avoid going out.

It must be very difficult for party lovers to restrict themselves to home. If you neglect the importance of physical distancing and still go out for a party, then chances are you’ll get the infection. 

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Human beings don’t have a microscopic eye that can see germs laying on the surface. All we can do to avoid harm is to protect ourselves by staying distant. Governments of different countries have imposed restrictions on public events. Make sure to abide by the rules and guidelines for COVID-19.

3. Wear a Mask in Public

As you know, Coronavirus spreads in the form of droplets that come out as a result of sneezing and coughing. Despite all the efforts that you make to ensure physical distance, there could be instances when you come in direct contact with a person passing nearby. 

Wearing a mask is a great way to stop droplets from entering your mouth or nostrils. Generally, a mask has strong layers of fabric to work as a barrier between you and infectious droplets. Different types of face masks are available in the market. You can wear any that fits your health and style needs.

Don’t get confused while choosing between cloth and medicated masks. Both of them provide good protection against the dangers of Coronavirus. A mask doesn’t only protect you from germs that may exist in the air but also blocks your germs from entering into air.

Wearing a mask appropriately is crucial to ensure the ultimate defense against the pandemic. Always make sure that your mask has completely covered your mouth and nose. There’s no benefit in wearing a mask if you move it down under the chin without covering the required part of your face.

4. Stay Safe in the Transit

Not everyone travels in a private car. Many people use public transport to cover the distance from home to office. If you also travel regularly, then don’t forget to keep yourself prepared. Use a hand sanitizer frequently and try not to touch anything inside the bus.

Try to maintain a considerable distance from other passengers. Be patient while entering the bus because the entrance often gets crowded when people get on board. Make sure you stand at least 6 feet away from other travelers.

People across the globe now prefer using taxi services such as Uber. Don’t avoid taking safety measures even when you travel alone in a taxi. Sanitize your hands right after leaving the car.

5. Work Remotely

COVID-19 has a bad impact on the entire world. Nearly every business has been affected due to lockdown situations around the globe. Many people have lost their jobs because companies are not doing well in terms of sales and revenue.

Working from home is a great option to earn a livelihood and stay completely safe. If your office tasks can be completed remotely, don’t go to the office. Have you just lost your job? No worries, try to find freelance work according to your aptitude.

Many trustworthy freelance websites connect workers with employees. You can register with them and start searching for the right job. Once you find the perfect fit, you won’t have to worry about the financial crisis that you might be going through at the moment.

6. Stay Connected Virtually

Following social distancing rules could be challenging while working in the office. You have to meet and greet colleagues to discuss important company matters and project details. Many companies have allowed their employees to work remotely to avoid the hazards of Coronavirus. 

Thanks to advanced communication apps! You don’t have to worry about talking to loved ones and colleagues while being away from them. There are so many useful applications that help you stay connected through the internet.

Don’t visit your friends and family in person unless it’s urgent. You can opt for a quick video call or WhatsApp chat to talk to them. Companies often use apps such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts to collaborate virtually.

7. Order Food Online

Many of us leave home to satisfy our appetite. Our taste buds always need something delicious. Restaurants and food points offer free home delivery.  You can also order your favorite food online instead of going out.

You might not find time to cook food while working from home. Ordering food can be the perfect solution to save time. Many renowned restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and eating places have launched their apps. All you have to do is simply download the desired application either from the Play Store or Apple Store based on your mobile device’s OS and start placing food orders. The great thing is that you get extra discounts on specific deals. So, don’t forget to enjoy the perks of ordering food from home.

8. Consider Safe Activities

An individual can’t stay restricted to home because it can be detrimental to good mental and physical well being. Health experts allow you to engage yourself in physical and social activities that are safe. 

What safe physical activities can you opt for? Going for a walk in the morning is a good idea. You can also go cycling to kill the boredom and make your adrenaline rush. Hiking is another wonderful activity to strengthen your physique. In short, all physical activities that help you maintain a 6-feet distance from others are safe.

9. Get Vaccinated

Thanks to the massive efforts of WHO and other health organizations, the world has finally got the vaccine to combat COVID-19. After a long wait, people can get vaccinated to avoid potential risks associated with coronavirus. 

The vaccine has saved millions of precious lives. The vaccine allows your body to fight against the germs of COVID-19 and immediately destroy them even if they get inside your body through any means. Marinating social distancing is important, but getting vaccinated is extremely important.

Every country has started vaccination processes in different phases. You can get in touch with the local health sector and register yourself for vaccination. Don’t pay attention to disinformation, myths, and conspiracies as they have nothing to do with reality. Vaccination is effective in strengthening your body against the pandemic.


Research has proved that you are likely to become infected by Coronavirus if you are prone to coughing or sneezing. Speaking to the victim of COVID without wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing can cause your body to absorb germs. Therefore, everyone must ensure a considerable distance and adopt all the precautionary measures that health experts have suggested.

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