Acclaimed filmmaker Gurvinder Singh to create a web series on revolutionary figure Bhagat Singh

New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Best known for his Punjabi films ‘Anhe Ghore Da Daan’ and ‘Chauthi Koot’ which premiered at Venice and Cannes Film Festivals respectively, filmmaker Gurvinder Singh is all set to make a web series on revolutionary Bhagat Singh. Singh stresses the importance of exploring the multiple layers that Bhagat Singh had, including his sense of humor, in the upcoming series.

The series will focus on how Bhagat Singh and his comrades utilized the trial to convey their ideas of independence. While several films have been made on Bhagat Singh before, the filmmaker emphasizes that most of them have presented a linear narrative, missing out on important aspects of his character, such as his atheism.

The project, which will also shed light on other women revolutionaries, is being produced by former NFDC MD Nina Lath and is currently being presented in the CineVesture International Film Festival Market for potential investors. Singh highlights the extensive research that has been conducted for the series, noting the involvement of top researchers who have been studying Bhagat Singh for years.

Intentionally opting for the web series format over a feature film, Singh aims to capture the various facets of the revolutionary’s life through a wider canvas. Expressing optimism about the series attracting OTT channels, he draws a parallel to the interest shown in a recent major series on Mahatma Gandhi, indicating a similar appeal for Bhagat Singh’s story.


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