Adrienne Harborth Posts Obscene Videos Of Her From The Classroom, Goes Viral

Adrienne Harborth used to work as a school teacher in a school in Houston.

However, after the current events that Adrienne Harborth has seen herself involved in lately, the whole situation has gone kind of crazy and a little bonkers as well.

Adrienne Harborth Posts Inappropriate Videos, Viral on Twitter, Reddit

So, Adrienne Harborth was supposed to be teaching a class when she decided not to do her job and instead took a video of herself and posted that online.

The video was not a common, innocent, normal video, but it was a video that was highly inappropriate for a school or work environment.

The video was shot in a classroom, which makes it much worse for the people to digest what the matter is all about.

When students, teachers, and parents got access to the video, everyone was quite worried.

The parents went to the authorities to file a complaint about the same.

For the time being, Adrienne’s case is being investigated by the authorities and overlooked.

The Texas Education Agency is all over the matter currently to look into it and fix what the problem is all about.

Adrienne Harborth is fired from the post of the school for the time being.

There are speculations that she will be losing her teaching license as well, which will not only result in her abolishing the job but also shortly she can’t apply for any as well.

Adrienne’s case has gone viral on the internet.

In the past, we have seen cases where teachers have started with this kind of behavior to gain money. Adrienne Harborth’s case is just like one of them.

The parents are, however, assured by their school that their wards will continue to receive quality education from the school in the future.

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